Stage directing team

Stage directors

Guest directors

Assistant directors

Guest Assistant directors

Assistant directors

Program expert

Set designers, decor artists and costume designers

Guest scenographers, decor and costume artists, artistic lighting

Guest sound directors

Musical and stylistic preparation - guests



Art design and Constructors

Nela Stoyanova
Head of production and set designer

Nela Stoyanova

Boryan Belchev
Head of Atelier "Art Design" and set designer

Boryan Belchev

Artist decors

Todor Bozhilov

Georgi Georgiev
Design engineer

Georgi Georgiev

Makeup and wigs

Men's wardrobe

Women's wardrobe

Strong energy service

Studio service

Atelier Figure

Women's sewing studio

Men's sewing studio

Hatter, florist

Shoemaker's studio

Carpentry studio

Upholstery-kosher studio

Iron workshop

Stage props


Artistic lighting

Sound system

Stage machines


Stage workers