Ivanka Kasabova

Ivanka Kasabova


Ivanka Vasileva Kasabova graduated from the State Choreographic School in the class of Krasimira Koldamova. She graduated from the Academy of Music, Dance and Fine Arts in Plovdiv in "Ballet Pedagogy" and "Ballet Directing", Master's degree in "Ballet Pedagogy". As a long-time soloist of Sofia Opera and Ballet she has had many roles in her career, including performing premiere roles. She participates in all ballet and opera performances. She has travelled with the ballet company to Italy, Greece, Turkey, Serbia, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Spain, Russia, Japan, the Netherlands, Belgium, etc. She has also been involved in rehearsal work for several years and officially took up the position of ballet tutor in 2021.  Teacher at the National School of Dance Art – specialty "Classical dance". She took part in national and international competitions:


  • Anastas Petrov National meeting of young ballet performers – third prize – junior age, second prize – senior age;
  • Finalist of Masako Oya International Ballet Competition – Japan;

„Лешникотрошачката“ – Мари, Руска кукла, Фриц
„Силфида“ – Ефи, четворка силфиди;
„Дон Кихот“ – Китри, Амур, двойка приятелки;
„Дамата с камелиите“ – Нинет, па де дьо;
„Спящата красавица“ – Принцеса Флорина, Фея Щедрост, Фея Брилянт;
„Лебедово езеро“ – па де троа, четворка малки лебеди, годеници, солистка неаполитански танц;
„Шехерезада“ – Птица Рук;
„Ла сурс“ – солистката;
„Серенада“ – Рускиня,
„Алегро брилянте“;
„Ромео и Жулиета“ – тройка слугини, двойка солистки селски танц, четворка приятелки;
„Кармен“ – четворка жени;
„Жизел“ – селско па де дьо, двойка вилиси;
„Джоконда“ – опера – Танц на часовете – Луната

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