Instrumental parallels

Instrumental parallels


“Every man is a world on his own, which comes into existence and passes away with him” Heinrich Heine


The concert project “Instrumental Parallels” presents works by S. Rachmaninoff (1873 – 1943) and L. Pipkov (1904 – 1974) – important composers who worked in the second half of the 19th century and in the 20th century, which are part of the world cultural heritage and their music still excites today.

Performers and listeners will be transported to two different artistic worlds, will feel the beauty of the sound environment in which the authors were born and lived, their soulful emotions.

The impact that the works of the two composers will create, with musical means of expression, will convey the idea of a unity of human emotions in the world.

Инструментални паралели


In the programme:

1. Sergei Rachmaninoff – Two sketches – paintings

Performed by Stefan Boyadzhiev – piano

2. Sergei Rachmaninoff – “Romance” for violin and piano op. 6 No. 1

Performed by Anastasia Detistova-Abadzhieva – violin and Blagovesta Konstantinova – piano

3. Sergei Rachmaninoff – From Sonata for Cello and Piano op.19 – Andante, Allegro

Performed by Kremena Hristova – cello and Stefan Boyadzhiev – piano

4. Lyubomir Pipkov – Trio for piano, violin and cello

Agitato, Five episodes on a folk song (Lento, Andante, Marcia, Molto allegro ed energico, Lento recitativo)

Performed by Stefan Boyadzhiev – piano, Anastasia Detistova-Abadzhieva – violin and Kremena Hristova – cello

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