The sixth summer of "Mamma Mia!" is in full swing on Lake Pancharevo
17 Aug / Marina Chertova

The sixth summer of "Mamma Mia!" is in full swing on Lake Pancharevo

The captivating songs of the Swedish band and the libretto by Catherine Johnson immerse us in the incredible story of a Greek summer, a passionate love and a magical island, where surprising situations draw the spectators into an exciting and passionate romantic comedy.

In the curious stage version directed by Plamen Kartaloff take part Vesela Delcheva as Sophie, who is an absolute record holder in this role, as she has been playing it for six years and has performed over 100 times in the spectacle. Lyudmila Kozareva and Edelina Kaneva are in the role of Donna, and the role of Sam is shared by three artists – Vladimir Mihaylov, Orlin Goranov and Rosen Nenchev.

Alexander Georgiev is in the role of Bill, Simeon Vladov and Nikolay Pavlov play Harry, Yanitsa Maslinkova and Elena Stoyanova-Alexandrova perform Tanya, Silvana Pravcheva and Denitsa Shopova are in the role of Rosie. Radoslav Vladimirov and Georgi Arsov play Sky, Boyan Arsov is Pepper, Georgi Dzhanov is Eddie, Plamen Granzhan is the Priest, Kristina Pipova and Marina Dragomiretskaya alternate in the character of Lisa, and Adelina Tomova is Ali.

Kalin Dushkov, Martin Petkov, Kiril Ivanov, Mihaela Simeonova, Pavlina Petkova, Yanko Yankov, Diana Dimitrova, Ana-Maria Kraycheva, Anastasia Levordashka, Vladimir Manolov, Maya Geleva and Georgi Arsov perform brilliantly on stage in the ensemble.


Maestro Plamen Kartaloff turns ABBA's songs into a theatre of situations and scenes in which the audience does not stand idly by. The director himself often comes on stage at the final dances and demonstrates great rhythm.

It all unfolds very dynamically with reflections that provoke the spectators to empathise with the characters' story. The artists speak, act, sing and dance with complete naturalness and commitment, passion and professionalism. The imagery in the director's solution makes their characters strong, emotional and impactful.


The numerous spectators are lucky to enjoy the songs of ABBA, which have become timeless classics – "Super Trouper", "Dancing Queen", "Knowing Me, Knowing You", "Take a Chance on Me", "Thank You for the Music", "Money, Money, Money", "The Winner Takes It All", "Voulez-Vous", "SOS".

The lyrics and music of the songs have a real meaning for the native audience, as they are performed in Bulgarian, visualized by the director and he creates specific situations, naturally building a vivid dramaturgy in which the play, the dances and the music logically fit and nothing is left to chance.

The conductor of the orchestra is maestro Svetoslav Lazarov.

"Mamma Mia!" has its own special charm on the lake mirror of Pancharevo, where the blue-green waters naturally turn into a turquoise Greek sea, and the pontoon, on which the exciting spectacles of Sofia Opera are performed, takes the shape of a romantic Greek island with palm trees, a windmill and white-blue houses in Greek style.

The spectacle starts at sunset at 20 h and the purple-pink-orange-yellow hues of the blue sky combined with the beautiful lake become a natural part of the spectacular set design.


Actors from "Mamma Mia!" told with a smile that there are two main reasons for the musical to enjoy a long stage life – the first is that director Plamen Kartaloff does not make a replica of the musical, as is usually done around the world, but has complete freedom of direction and interpretations.

The Director of the Sofia Opera received special permission from the authors of the musical to develop his own concept for the spectacle and to offer another theatrical interpretation of ABBA's great songs. It is no coincidence that the spectacle became so different and exceptionally impactful.


The second secret of the success of the Bulgarian "Mamma Mia!" lies in the love with which the artists play and in the mutual affection and chemistry between them. The lively mood of the magnificent soloists of the Sofia Opera and the guest stars, who captivate the spectators with their magical voices, dizzying dances, colourful clothes, is transmitted to the audience.

The emotional charge and smiles of the artists flow through the thousands of spectators from the first to the last row, some of whom dare to dance along the rows in time with the charismatic artists and sing along with them.


Actors and singers also told that "Mamma Mia!" is their favourite musical because it gives them an incredible charge, especially when the spectacle is performed on open stages. According to them, "Muses on the Water" unleashes a special energy that comes from both the lake and the nearby mountain, and "Mamma Mia!" embodies this energy of life and joy.