The opera satire "Chatterers" of the Sofia Opera – with a television premiere on 1 November
31 Oct 2022Sofia Opera and Ballet

The opera satire "Chatterers" of the Sofia Opera – with a television premiere on 1 November

The opera satire "Chatterers" of the Sofia Opera – with a television premiere on 1 November

On 1 November – the Day of the National Revival Leaders – the Sofia Opera invites its friends and admirers to experience the television premiere of the opera-satire "Chatterers" by Lazar Nikolov based on the famous short novel by Ivan Vazov.

The documentary recording is from the premiere held in March this year and will be broadcast on BNT 2 at 20 h.

The large-scale production of "Chatterers" is realized on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the birth of Lazar Nikolov – an avant-garde composer, author of opera, symphonic, chamber music, film and theatrical musical scenes.

"Chatterers" was created in 1971 and was not staged for many years. Its first production at the Sofia Opera was by Plamen Kartaloff. He shares that "Chatterers" is a not easy work, but a work with a creative approach ahead of both the composer Lazar Nikolov and the author of the lyrics Ivan Vazov. Maestro Kartaloff believes that "Our living relationship with Bulgarian composers speaks of an identity, not only cultural, social and spiritual, but also moral.

"Chatterers" is an astonishing spectacle, a brilliant, complete work. Plamen Kartaloff creates an extraordinary theatre of the absurd in the first stage version of "Chatterers" on the Sofia stage. The director skilfully weaves in strong messages for our times, but does not stray from the spirit of Vazov's work. The singers and the orchestra perform brilliantly and masterfully tell the director's concept.

The premiere of "Chatterers" was an enormous event in the musical life of Bulgaria and was highly appreciated by a number of artists, including Prof. Dr. Stanislav Semerdzhiev, Rector of NATFA, the distinguished critic Bozhidar Manov, Stanislav Pochekanski, Chairman of UBMD. And the great film director prof. Lyudmil Staykov shares that the spectacle unites all possible arts – sound, image, pantomime, projection, dance – in an indissoluble unity. In his words, "Chatterers" is not a spectacle – it is a phenomenon in Bulgarian cultural life. This spectacle should be seen by many people, because it brings self-confidence about the possibilities, about the talent of Bulgarians in all fields."

Watch "Chatterers" by Lazar Nikolov on 1 November at 20 h on BNT 2.