We are officially welcoming the airy autumn with two golden preseason titles!
23 Sep 2021Sofia Opera and Ballet

We are officially welcoming the airy autumn with two golden preseason titles!

Dear friends,

Give yourselves as a present unforgettable emotions in September with two virtuoso productions of the Sofia Opera, combining art of drama with singing and dance! Come and see "Les Misérables" and "My Father the Painter" in the main spectator’s hall in the building of the Opera!

23, 24, 25.09 * 19:00       LES MISÉRABLES 

Please expect a production of large scale with shaking emotion on 23, 24 and 25 September at 19 h in the main spectator’s hall at the Sofia Opera! The most often performed musical of all times – "Les Misérables" is again on the stage!

Claude-Michel Schönberg’s music and the adaptation by Alain Boublil reproduce the revolutionary elan in France from the times of the next transformation in a row in the state government of the country, described in Victor Hugo’s novel of the same name. The main story in it is built around the character of the former prisoner Jean Valjean, who sees the power of good in the world, although he cannot escape from his dark past. Beginning in 1815, the narrative reaches its culmination in 1832 with the June Rebellion in Paris on the barricades, following the life path and the relations of several personages, and most concretely the sufferings of the former convict Jean Valjean and his redemption.

The production "Les Misérables" is on the stage over 30 years with more than 10 000 performances, seen by over 60 million spectators in 42 countries in 22 languages!

In the character of Inspector Javert will impersonate themselves again Orlin Pavlov and Atanas Srebrev, Vladimir Mihaylov is in the role of Jean Valjean, Vesela Delcheva – Fantine, Plamen Grandjan – Thénardier, Vesela Yaneva and Yuliana Todorova – Mme Thénardier and still many exceptional artists! Stage director – Plamen Kartaloff, conductor – Igor Bogdanov.

27, 28.09 * 19:00

Transport yourselves back in Bulgarian time with the teacher in history Mr. Andreev and sing together with us “Tempo, tempo, paint it”, “We are tadpoles” and “Hope ends, but hope comes”!

Experience the plot of one of the most loved films of Bulgarian cinema – “My Father the Painter” by Peter Stupel and Konstantin Dragnev on the stage of the Sofia Opera, in which good triumphs over insolence and haughtiness!

Please, see the musical "My Father the Painter" to the scenario by Vasil Tsonev and lyrics by Krastyo Stanishev on 27 and 28 September! In the lead role is Kalin Vrachanski as the Teacher Andreev and with the special participation of Slavcho Peev in the role of the Factory Owner Marinov. Stage director and set design – Plamen Kartaloff, conductor – Svetoslav Lazarov.