A two-part concert is the latest premiere for children of the Sofia Opera
26 Mar 2022BTA

A two-part concert is the latest premiere for children of the Sofia Opera

A two-part concert is the latest premiere for children of the Sofia Opera

Sofia,  20.03.2022 17:27

One-hour concert in two parts – "Funny Songs" and "The Story of Babar the Elephant" is the latest premiere children of the Sofia Opera.The next premiere performance is on 27 March.

In the first part the children will get acquainted with the letters of the music – the notes – through cheerful songs. In the second part, as a musical relaxation, they will experience the story of the little elephant Babar, report from the Opera.

Francis Poulenc wrote “The Story of Babar the Elephant” in 1945, based on a book by Jean de Brunhoff. The translation is by Snezhina Rusinova-Zdravkova. The soloists are Vesela Delcheva, Rada Toteva, Anna Vutova-Stoycheva, Aleksandar Georgiev, Kalin Dushkov, Georgi Dzhanov, Ilia Iliev.

The musician and conductor Svetoslav Lazarov is on the piano.

Stage director is Yulia Krasteva, and the Aassistant director is Rumyana Dimitrova. Set and costume designer is Nela Stoyanova, the choreography is by Maria Yordanova.


The story is about a little elephant that ваs born in the big forest. One day, a hunter killed his mother and Babar, frightened, fled. He found himself in a big city. There he met the Old Lady, who loved to do good deeds.

The two became very good friends. Sometimes Babar was sad, because he remembered the big forest and his mother. Two years have passed. One day Babar met his cousins Arthur and Celeste. He decided to leave the city and return to the great forest. And during this time an unusual event happened in it. The old king ate a poisonous mushroom while having a walk. He fell ill and died. The old elephants gathered to elect a new king. It was at this point that Babar, Arthur and Celeste appeared. The wisest elephant, Cornelius, proposed Babar to be the new king because he lived with the people and learned a lot from them. Babar accepted the proposal, specifying that they have engaged with Celeste during the trip. The elephants chose Babar and Celeste as king and queen. All the animals from the Big Forest celebrated the coronation and wedding of Babar and Celeste.