“Attila” of the Sofia Opera conquered OperaVision
20 Mar 2021Sofia Opera and Ballet

“Attila” of the Sofia Opera conquered OperaVision

Yesterday night, the Sofia Opera and Ballet presented for the second time a spectacle of theirs via the world platform OperaVision.

After “Boris Godunov” last summer, spectators from all over the world enjoyed the grandiose production of “Attila” by Giuseppe Verdi. Plamen Kartaloff’s production from 2011 was realized at the historic Tsarevets fortress in Veliko Tarnovo.

The online broadcast started exactly at 19 h CET. Gradually, spectators began to enter the virtual opera hall from all over the world – New York, Hong Kong, Amsterdam, Madrid, Brussels, Barcelona, Melbourne, Rome, Vienna, Poland, São Paolo, Berlin, Switzerland.

In the online chat during the broadcast, they were greeting the Sofia Opera and Opera Vision for the possibility to watch “Attila” – a title, which is not produced quite often on the world stages. The admirers of the opera right away marked the place, where the spectacle was shot, the luxuriant set design and the unusual costumes. They were interested in the history of Tsarevets and how the spectacle was created in this enormous space. Though just opera lovers, the participants in the chat were making exceptionally professional comments about details of the production and the vocal interpretation of the artists.

The great star of the world opera – Orlin Anastasov – deserved everybody’s admirations. The audience was pleasantly surprised that here he was partner of his brother – the baritone Ventseslav Anastasov. Daniel Damyanov received well-deserved applauses as Foresto, and regarding Radostina Nikolaeva it was mentioned what a young singer was impersonating the role of Odabella. Conductor of the production was Alessandro Sangiorgi, set designer was Boris Stoynov, and costume designer – Lyubomir Yordanov. With the participation of the orchestra and the chorus of the Sofia Opera and Ballet.

At the end of Act I, the conversations in the chat stopped – the audience was following Orlin Anastasov as enchanted. The spectators were impressed by the whole vision and concept of the performance – the colours, the effects, and the movement on the stage. The exceptionally good quality of the recording – as sound and picture – was also noticed.

It turned out that Nicolai Ghiaurov and Boris Christoff are still very honoured all over the world. In the exchange of remarks in the online chat people were reminding themselves of their remarkable achievements. Other singers from different generations were also mentioned – from Martti Talvela and Matti Salminen through Veriano Luchetti to Ludovic Tézier and Luca Salsi. The comments did not calm down till the last chord – thanks for the experience and wishes for more such wonderful spectacles.

Here are just some of the impressions of the spectators:

“Wonderful, splendid, strong and impressive spectacle! Exceptional sound in an open air production. Thousands of thanks for the artists and the technical services, who made it possible for everyone with internet connection to enjoy “Attila”!

“Bravo, Sofia!”

“Incredible spectacle!”

“Thank you for the wonderful evening!”

“The splendid sight from Tsarevets contributes to the exceptional set design of the stage. I envy everybody, who enjoyed it live years ago. We thank you for allowing us to benefit from this also on the Internet!”

After yesterday’s broadcasting, the number of viewings of “Attila” keep on growing, because the recording remains on the platform’s website. This is the next achievement in a row of the Sofia Opera, managed skilfully by Acad. Plamen Kartaloff. To enter the homes of people from all over the world and to keep their attention – what greater recognition than this!

“Attila” can be seen on the website of OperaVision till 12 PM on 19 June 2021.