Yuliana Tomova-Mileva

Yuliana Tomova-Mileva


Choreographer of the Talasamche Children’s Vocal and Drama Formation and Ohana Youth Chamber Choir.

She was born on 05.01.1989 in Sofia. She graduated from secondary school 23 "Frederic Joliot Curie" Secondary School with Italian language. Higher education (bachelor's degree) at the "Krastyo Sarafov" National Academy of Theatre and Film Arts (NATFA), specialty "Theatre of Movement", under Assoc. Prof. Petya Stoilova in 2011. She received additional qualification in pedagogy at "Neofit Rilski" Southwest University in 2014.

After graduation, in 2011 she started working at the Capital Centre for Work with Children, teaching classical, modern ballet and hip-hop.

Since 2013, she has been a choreographer in the Talasamche Children’s Vocal and Drama Formation.

Realized projects:

2009-2011, "Natemia" – dance performance; 2010-2011, "Eros and Psyche" – dance performance; 2011-2013, "Boulesque" – dance performance based on one of the most famous musicals in the world; since 2013, "Boulevard" – variety performance; "Shhh, Sing to Me" – an original film directed by Andrey Volkashin and Peter Valchev; "Burundanga" – a crime romantic comedy; "The Matchmaker" – a comedy based on Thornton Wilder.

Choreographer of the musicals "The Three Fairies and the Sleeping Beauty", "The Day of Forgiveness", "The Last Wish" by Dimitar Kostantsaliev and the musical theatre performance "The Stars of Venice" by the "Ohana" Youth Chamber Choir.

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