musical by Dimitar Kostantsaliev

Duration - 1:15
Performed in Bulgarian


On the idea of the poet Nikolai Milchev
Music: Dimitar Kostantsaliev
Screenplay and Directing: Todor Yankulov
Arrangement: Dimitar Ninov, Dimitar Kostantaliev
Vocal pedagogue: Dimitar Kostantsaliev
Lyrics: Nikolay Milchev and Todor Yankulov
Choreography: Yuliana Tomova
Scenography and costumes: Rafaela Rafaelova and Iva Yankulova
Graphic design: Yana Kostantsalieva

Performed by: Children's Vocal and Theatre Formation "Talasamche"

Cast: Bozhana Yankulova, Dara Popova, Ema Makarova, Maria Lunin, Maria Yosifova, Marina Hristova, Nevena Dineva, Nikola Petek, Nikola Sapundzhiev, Sofia Mikova, Stefania Blagoeva, Teodora Gyurovska, Iva Somleva, Valentina Samardzhieva, Veronika Peykova, Rada Popova, Violeta Nikolova, Ivan Radev, Yoana Gekova, Preslava Hristova and Tsvetelina Mihaylova


“The story I will tell you happened the night before Zagovezni. Then people all over the earth purify their homes and souls from evil forces and evil thoughts. On this day, an ordinary family ...”

This is how the story of the musical "The Day of Forgiveness" begins. In it, the eternal theme of good and evil is presented in different ways. Namely, that evil is in fact unmanifested good.

There is a "goblin" next to each person, which creates obstacles for him to make him change something in himself. To start acting to overcome the problems, and not to complain and blame others for the life he leads. To seek the change within himself in order to find happiness in his life.

The action takes place in an ordinary home, in an ordinary family the night before Zagovezni, on the Day of Forgiveness. But at the same time, another family is also celebrating, in the same place, only in a parallel world ... the family of the house spirits. How do these two families, invisible to each other, coexist?!

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