The last wish

children's musical by Dimitar Kostantaliev

Duration - 0:50
Performed in Bulgarian
The last wish


Он Lafontaine's fable
Screenplay: Orlin Vasilev
Adaptation: Boyka Angelova
director: Todor Yankulov
Music and arrangement: Dimitar Kostancaliev
Choreography: Yuliana Tomova
Scenography and costumes: Lyubka Nedyalkova and Diana Hristoskova
Graphic design: Yana Kostantsalieva

Performed by: Children's Vocal and Theatre Formation "Talasamche"


Cricket: Boyan Yurukov, Iva Somleva
Narrators: Iva Somleva, Martina Ivanova, Nikola Petkov, Boyan Yurukov

Ant: Preslava Popova

The Queen of Ants: Maya Yanaris

Princess: Valentina Samardzhieva
Courtier: Veronica Peykova
Chief of the Guards: Ognyan Chernokozhev
Executioner spiders: Aleksandar Yosifov, Boyan Elizariev

Doctor-magicians: Konstantin Kosev

Doctors: Rada Popova, Raya Teneva
Scribe: Lilia Atanaosva, Rosana Chakarova


The musical "The Last Wish" is a stage adaptation of Lafontaine's fable about "The Ant and the Cricket" and the play of the same name by Orlin Vasilev. It is in tune with the real problems of today's society – justice, virtue, the right to choose, to discover and accept the other; people's hopes, disappointments and ambitions.

The choice of the plot of the proposed musical is connected with the idea of presenting universal values. The complex vocal parts, the choreographic fragments and the acting tasks are an ambitious provocation for the talent and skills of our graduates.

26 centuries ago, a sharp-witted slave named Aesop thought of telling his master's unpleasant truths by telling him stories whose characters were animals. Thus, the truth could be perceived more painlessly. Much later in France in the 17th century, the Sun King (Louis XIV) reigned, and the fables were composed by Jean de Lafontaine. The lesson from them is how to live and what to be. Things eternal for every age and every person.

In the fable "The Ant and the Cricket", the cricket played all summer long and entertained the ants with his songs to make their work easier. As the cold winds blew and winter approached, he found himself without food and thought of the ant. It may help him – she is rich, isn’t she. But she drove him away and the cricket was left alone with his misfortune. Don't expect help from those who don't appreciate your work!

A sad fable happened… Thus was born a "new fable", turned into a stage tale and inspired the musical "The Last Wish".

There is an adventure in it, and a certain moral idea. The cricket finds himself in a dangerous situation, but is saved by his desire for justice. A well-known fable has been rethought in terms of children's experience and sensibility.

In the musical, the cricket's pursuit of virtue and justice is contrasted with the ant's heartlessness. "The sequel" has a new outcome and a happy ending. The virtuous cricket proves its superiority over the heartless ant. Good triumphs over evil! "It is difficult to seek justice…" There is no justice in the palace – the queen sends him to the gallows. The cricket's last wish is to sing his farewell song. And then a miracle happens! The cricket's song is magical and gives life to the sick daughter of the king. The queen receives her lesson and wants to repay the healing power of the song. How? By appointing him a court singer. But the proud cricket leaves with the words "The song can't serve!"

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