Tango with a feeling of Márquez
11 May 2021EUROCOM

Tango with a feeling of Márquez

The works by Astor Piazolla on the stage of the Sofia Opera and Ballet

There is hardly a representative of the fair sex, regardless of age and social status, who hasn’t at least once imagined herself whirled in the crazy tango from the cult film “Scent of a Woman”, in which Al Pacino is leading Gabrielle Anwar. Tango, a deed of Astor Piazolla, who allowed himself to do the unthinkable – to mix the art of love with classic music, turning it this way into a new religion, followers of which turn out to be all people, tempted by dance. 

One hundred years after the birth of the Argentinian innovator and interpreter, the Sofia Opera becomes a stage of the ballet “Tango”, in which to the test is put namely love – beautiful, but also scaring and passionate, such, as only Piazolla can make us witness it.

And in order the spectacle to become even more magical, its choreographer weaves into it his feeling of the greatest magician of the literature of Latin America – the writer Gabriel García Márquez.

And since the tango and Argentina are integral in the concepts of everyone, who has touched himself with this dance, the ambassador of Piazolla’s country in Bulgaria turns into a bridge, on which art to pass through the borders.

“The whole essence of Tango – this is love. The tango as music style came into existence in the beginning of the 20. century in Buenos Aires. Then it was interpreted in the form of dance or music by the local population, by many people, who had emigrated in Buenos Aires as of that time. But later, when the Bulgarian community introduced itself in the life of Buenos Aires, it also began dancing, playing and singing tango. In all its dimensions, however – lyrics, music and dance, tango is love”, shared H.E. Alfredo Atanasof.

Convinced in this fact is the choreographer of the ballet, which the spectators will have the chance to see on the stage of the Sofia Opera on 14, 15 and 16 May.