The Sofia Opera and Ballet presents TANGO to Astor Piazzolla’s music
12 May 2021Sofia Opera and Ballet

The Sofia Opera and Ballet presents TANGO to Astor Piazzolla’s music

The music of Astor Piazzolla – one of the most impressive composers of the 20th century – enters the repertoire of the Sofia Opera via the ballet “Tango”. Svetlin Ivelinov’s exquisite choreography will be shown by the soloists of the National Ballet Marta Petkova, Kristina-Chochanova-Ivanova, Nikola Hadzhitanev, Boryana Petrova, Venera Hristova, Emil Yordanov, Tsetso Ivanov and others.

The premiere was planned for 26 March, but it was delayed because of the restrictions, connected with the pandemic of Covid 19.

The production is dedicated to Astor Piazzolla’s 100th Anniversary and is under the patronage of H.E. Alfredo Néstor Atanasof, Ambassador of the Republic of Argentina in Bulgaria.

His Excellency was so kind to tell us about Piazzolla and the tango, as well as to express his satisfaction from his collaboration with the Sofia Opera and Ballet.

Your Excellency, what is the meaning of Astor Piazzolla’s work of art for Argentina and on a world scale?

*** For us, Argentinians, Astor Piazzolla is one of the most significant musicians of the XX century. On 11 March we celebrated his 100th Anniversary. Envisaged are many cultural events and celebrations to honour him in the best way. Several concerts at Teatro Colón, there they have the idea to reproduce his legendary concert from 1983, which marks an important stage in Argentinian music. Planned is a free recital in the open air at the Obelisco de Buenos Aires with participation of many performers. The Astor Piazzolla Foundation is coordinating all these events.

How would you define the tango – magic, passion or something else?

*** I think that the word “magic” defines the tango most exactly. The tango, probably you know, is filled in with sensuality. The dance appeared around 1800, in the poorest and most unfriendly regions of Buenos Aires. They were inhabited mainly by Argentinians, but by people of African, Indian and Caribbean origin too. There were also big waves of settlers of Europeans, who came in Argentina later, but as of this moment they were present. And then tango turned into a peculiar reflection of the life of those, who were inhabiting Buenos Aires. I think that exactly therein is the magic of tango and this is why it attracts us so much. Later on, the tango entered other territories too, in the XX century in the USA and in Europe and from there it spread all around the world.

How do you appreciate the cultural relations between Bulgaria and Argentina?

*** This year we celebrate 90 years of the signing of diplomatic relations between Bulgaria and Argentina. Argentina was the first country in Latin America, with which Bulgaria established relations. And the cultural connections have always been saturated and well developed, especially because of the significant Bulgarian community in Argentina. And obviously the popular Argentinian music Tango turned into the most important promoter in our relations. There are commercial relations too, but the cultural ones are best developed. In Bulgaria many Argentinian films were shown, for the short time since I have assumed my mission of Ambassador of Argentina, I have already witnessed the presentation of three films. Tango is being danced and listened to. I will also share with you that 160 books by Argentinian authors are translated into Bulgarian, with which Bulgarian language turned out to be the fourth on a world scale in translation of Argentinian literature.

You accepted to be patron of “Tango” to Piazzolla’s music. Why?

*** In the attitude of the Bulgarian audience I feel great interest in Argentinean culture and more specially in tango. In Bulgaria there are a lot of schools, in which is taught tango, and there are musicians, who play tango. Consequently, I consider that the ballet TANGO will be a real cultural event, and we, Argentinians, shall be forever grateful that so far away from our motherland you will pay honour to a composer from the importance of Astor Piazzolla.

I would like to make use of the event to thank on behalf of the Ambassy of the Republic of Argentina in Bulgaria, as well as on my behalf, the Director of the Opera, with whom I had the possibility to talk several times. I have the pleasure to be at the Opera for the second time and I am impressed by the remarkable building and by the work of its management. In all projects, directed to strengthening the relations between Bulgaria and Argentina, you can rely that we, from the Ambassy, will be on the first row!

Thank you! We shall see each other again here!

Bronislava Ignatova
Translation from Spanish: Galena Raycheva