24 Mar 2022Sofia Opera and Ballet


"I bow to the production I saw! Opera is a different art than what I am dedicated to, but tonight I was in awe of the artists that gave themselves on stage! I am fascinated by what my great friend Maestro Plamen Kartaloff has created once again! I am extremely impressed that the hall was full today and that there were so many young spectators! Nowadays, due to so many trials and changes, art seems to me to be disappearing into heaven! That is why I wish the entire team of our beloved Sofia Opera to keep themselves alive and well to delight and inspire us with their energetic professionalism and indomitable faith in what they do!"

Acad. Alexander Balkanski, circus figure

"I am amazed by the relevance of this spectacle! It could be taken back to that era and told us about the chatterer of that time. But, maestro Plamen Kartaloff has offered us a contemporary vision, a modern reading of this charming story by Vazov! That's why it moved the audience, had an emotional and mental impact on the spectators of different ages and why they rewarded the artists and the orchestra with their generous applause and ovations at the end! I wish great success to this wonderful Bulgarian production!"

Isaac Gozes, journalist

"Wonderful performance! It's a joy to see such a contemporary reading of "Chatterers"! I think that few people today can so movingly realize this insight of maestro Plamen Kartaloff – to have the power to joke with yourself and with today’s day, this is the power of the Bulgarian spirit! I would like to congratulate the entire artistic team of Sofia Opera for having so successfully and inspirationally managed with this task! I wish you always to be so successful in the service of the Bulgarian!"

Rumen Petkov, Chairman of the ABC Party

"We are delighted with the relevance timeliness of this production! The point about this confusion of modern generations which direction to head and what to believe in is very impactfully shared! We are impressed with the original Bulgarian music and the impactful performance of the artists! We are amazed by this interpretation made by maestro Plamen Kartaloff of the famous work by Vazov and especially by its contemporary sounding! For us, this is a supreme achievement of the Sofia Opera and our strong desire is for it to be seen by more Bulgarians, so that they can be touched by the true messages of a performance that is doomed to have a long life!"

Milena, Zhana and Evgeni Stanimirov, photographer-artist

“A very, very interesting spectacle! We admire the acting! We are fascinated by this revived in the performance original Bulgarian speech! The music sounded amazingly! It is unknown to many of us, but it turned out to be great with the inspired performances of these so impactful artists! We are very eager to recommend this production to more relatives and friends, because it deserves to cause a smile and reflection in more vigilant Bulgarians!"

Nikoleta and Darina

"I am very impressed by this experiment of maestro Plamen Kartaloff to make a culturological reading of a classic literary work such as "Chatterers" by the patriarch Ivan Vazov! Let's also recall that the opera was created by the composer Lazar Nikolov 50 years ago. And on top of all this to get a contemporary vision, to create a musical-stage action on the stage of the Sofia Opera is a very productive reading! Suddenly it turns out that the chatterers Ivan the Seliamsaz, Varlaam, Ivancho Yotata, Micho Beyzadeto are not only our ancestors, but also our contemporaries, dressed of course in other anthers, in other costumes, with other hairstyles, and they are side by side with us! This reading of our national destiny through its characters in the rather dramatic period, in which we find ourselves suddenly, suggests a reasonable conclusion at the very end of the staging! And, as it turns out in many cases, this version of the spectacle was conceived and rehearsed months before it acquired this super-weird actuality! That is why this production is worth seeing at the National Opera House, as it stands on firm supports – the lyrics by the patriarch Ivan Vazov and the music by the unique Lazar Nikolov! To date, a musical stage work shows the possibility of new life with a talented creative interpretation! This is why I wish this production good luck, and I think the spectators will get something necessary and meaningful, if they cross the threshold of our first opera theatre!"

Prof. Bozhidar Manov, film critic

"It is wonderful that so many spectators attended this production at the Sofia Opera and that most of them were young people! It is unforgettable how after the finale everyone applauded the artists and the orchestra so enthusiastically! Indeed, the singers performed brilliantly, developing characters and types that turned out not to have remained in the distant past, but they are still among us today, and perhaps some people would have recognized themselves in these contradictory characters! Lazar Nikolov's music proved how original a Bulgarian composer can be without serving the stamp that a Bulgarian musical work must have folk elements! This musical work, modern for its time, very harmoniously partnered the talent of our artists, who magnificently presented the characters and worldview of the natives of that time to prove to us that we can still recognize their images among us today! The directing of the spectacle has achieved a fascinating dynamic and is respectable for its imagination and aesthetic attitude! The orchestra delighted us with a wonderful interpretation of this very complex work, making it even more impactful and proving the success of these bold creative ideas! We are happy that today the Sofia Opera has such a talented artistic team, which is equally successful in recreating the world's opera and ballet classics, as well as respectful to the significant Bulgarian works! Good luck to our charming "Chatterers"!"

Prof. Bozhidar Velkov