10 May 2021Sofia Opera and Ballet


“Terrific spectacle, which reminded us of one wonderful Bulgarian film, through which we have transferred ourselves in our childhood! In this performance took part wonderful actors, whom we thank for the spirit and the inspiration, with which they played their unforgettable roles! We thank everybody for this joyful experience!”
Mladenka Simeonova

“Unique performance! I remember the songs from our favourite film of that time! I possess the gramophone record with these songs too! So that this spectacle moved me very strongly with its original references to episodes from the film “My Father the Painter”! Today’s production is a unique possibility to transfer ourselves in time and to remember a series of values and details of our style of living, expressing the humanity and the ideals of our fathers and ancestors! This musical resurrects the little bit forgotten beauty of the relations between the generations from the middle of the past century!”
Evgenia Lalova

“I am very happy that I was present at one big cultural event! I was delighted by the acting of the little actors! The created by them and by your distinguished performers evoked my admiration and please, accept my sincere gratitude that in spite of the quarantine restrictions you have created something rejoicing, something spiritualizing! Thank you!”
Desislava Kuncheva

“Terrific, emotional and beautiful spectacle! It gave me a lot of pleasure! My little daughter liked very much the songs and the performance of the participating children! For us everything we saw was an unexpected emotion and we are happy that in this difficult time the Opera has created such an impulse for life!”
Vesela Georgieva and her daughter Silvena

“Unique spectacle, which I hope to have great success! Wonderful performance of Kalin Vrachanski and of these so talented children! But let’s not forget the performance of the chorus and the rest of the participants! I wish long-term success to this magnificent musical! Good luck!”
Gergana Shineva and her little grand-daughter Nia

“Uncredible production! We are very happy that we managed to get tickets in order to find ourselves in the atmosphere of this wonderful musical! Achieved is everything, which can be desired from the artists and the musicians! How pleasant and edifying it is to transfer ourselves into one a little bit forgotten world, which is too romantic and allegorical for our human empathy!”
Velislav Ginev

“I liked this spectacle very much! I am proud that my brother is working at the Opera! Tell Meastro Plamen Kartaloff to continue creating, because after him I don’t know whether the Opera will be what it is today!”
The 12-years old Nikolay

“Infinitely bright and beautiful spectacle! I didn’t expect that this performance would have such a moving impact on me! What music, what costumes and aesthetics on the stage! All this provoked in me the desire to see more productions of the Sofia Opera! I would like to thank all the participants for the experienced!”
Olga Denisova from Russia

“We are delighted with what we saw! Unique production! We are impressed by the way Kalin Vrachanski coped with this role! We have to mark also the impact of the sets and the costumes! We were witnesses of one magical staging, in which the participating children went beyond themselves, undoubtedly inspired by the wonderful directing of the stage director and producer! This way the Opera gave us as present an unforgettable experience!”
Albena Slaveva and her daughter Ralitsa

“I am addicted to this spectacle, because my little son Rosen acts in it! The performance is wonderful! It has combined in itself the best of the cinema, of the opera, of the theatre, of the ballet, of the musical. This way again we returned back in time and we began thinking of many things, of the real values in life and how important it is there to be love and optimism!”
Marieta Yordanova

“A wonderful spectacle, very humane, radiating the warmth of good! How strong need we feel for such messages, filled in with hope, optimism and love! Young people must see this musical, in order to understand what do little delights in life mean! On the stage they will see cheerful children, who are happy that they are together with their parents! I am fascinated by the unity of the team! With so many participants I have the feeling of one whole on the stage, of amazing synchronicity between the children and the actors! And they all perform with visible pleasure the wonderful songs, they identify themselves fully with their characters! In this exactly becomes visible the inspired directing, which creates a unique artistic atmosphere, which totally conquered the audience! And it rewarded everybody with endless ovations!”
Diana Licheva