On 5 August, the Seventh Festival "Opera of the Peaks" – Belogradchik will be officially opened
05 Aug 2022Newspaper “24 Chasa”

On 5 August, the Seventh Festival "Opera of the Peaks" – Belogradchik will be officially opened

Today, 5 August, is the solemn opening of two peaks inextricably linked in the magic of art – the peaks of the magnetic Belogradchik Rocks and the peaks of the great operatic works that will merge in a magical and unique unity tonight.

The innovative character and passion of director Plamen Kartaloff for opening spaces for opera in the open air, where unusual conditions get a new breath and life, is a chance for opera as an art to bring new energy and new messages to a wider audience. It is of utmost importance that the interpretation of opera titles is deeply connected to the place where the operatic action will be located.

Inspiration is the key to creative imagination for the image of the outdoor spectacle, says the director Plamen Kartaloff. The idea of uniqueness of visualizing the music and the drama in it are related to the specific environment that will turn into a stage. Careful consideration is always given to the placement of the action, how it will fit with the natural features chosen for the opera performance. It is exceptionally important for the direction and the integrity of the spectacle that nature and opera are in harmony and sound in unity and the most natural balance.

And in such power and energy Plamen Kartaloff for the seventh consecutive year merges the impressive view of the Belogradchik Rocks from the courtyard of the fortress, where the grandstand for the audience and the stage with the magnetic rock cogs of the Belogradchik Rocks will be located.