"Elektra" again on the stage of the Sofia Opera
05 Jan 2023Newspaper “24 Chasa”

"Elektra" again on the stage of the Sofia Opera

In the beginning of the new year the Sofia Opera presents a number of landmark titles from its repertoire. After the whirlwind performances of the musical "Mamma Mia!", the audience will have the opportunity to enjoy an exceptional masterpiece – "Elektra" by Richard Strauss. The performance is on 13 January at 19 h.

The premiere of "Elektra" took place during the Kovid-19 pandemic and was a true test of the spirit. But it was also a testament to the courage of the Sofia Opera at that very moment to present to its loyal audience a captivating spectacle that outlines a clear vision for the development of the theatre in the near future.

"Elektra" is a highly innovative work in one act, whose plot involves murder, deception and revenge. Richard Strauss's vocal style is atypical and this provokes a new and different performance from the soloists. The score is riddled with great orchestral difficulties and the directorial solution sculpts the artistic images and places them in new dimensions of creative research.

"Elektra" is a stunning production that retells Sophocles' ancient Greek tragedy of the same name, adapted by the Viennese writer Hugo von Hofmannsthal. Director Plamen Kartaloff, set design by Sven Jonke, costumes by Leo Kulash.

In the main roles: Lilia Kehayova /Elektra/, Gergana Rusekova /Klytaemnestra/, Radostina Nikolaeva /Chryzothemis/, Daniel Ostretsov /Aegisth/ and Veselin Mihaylov /Orest/. conductor Evan-Alexis Christ.