02 Jan 2021Sofia Opera and Ballet


Happy New Year, dear friends!

Still in the first month of 2021, the Sofia Opera demonstrates one of its most important priorities – the care about its youngest audience. All spectacles during the whole January turn our first opera theatre into a PALACE OF MUSIC FAIRY TALES. Or access of adults is allowed only with children accompanying them, as ordains one great poet-storyteller.
Consecutively and purposefully in the genre of the opera, ballet and musical was created a special repertoire for children, which involves and creates new audience, from the smallest spectators, from the babies with the concerts for them, tо the students, visiting the Sofia Opera, not only from the Capital, but also from different cities of the country. Well-deserved contribution have the soloists, the orchestra, the chorus and the ballet.

In January the children will have the possibility to see the following spectacles: 

09.01. * 16:00                       ВЕСЕЛИТЕ МАЛЧУГАНИ
10.01. * 16:00                           DAS RHEINGOLD              
16.01. * 11:00                         THE THREE PIGGIES                      
16.01.,  23.01.                     LITTLE RED RIDING HOOD
16:00,  11:00
17.01. * 16:00                  TOWN MUSICIANS OF BREMEN 
23.01. * 16:00                                WINNIE-THE-POOH 
24.01. * 16:00             THE WOLF AND THE SEVEN LITTLE KIDS 
29, 30, 31.01.           SHREK – musical for the young audience 

Make a New Year present to your child at the Sofia Opera!