The battle between good and evil: the Ukrainian prima ballerina dances "Swan Lake" in Sofia
23 Mar 2022Bulgaria ON AIR

The battle between good and evil: the Ukrainian prima ballerina dances "Swan Lake" in Sofia

The prima ballerina from Ukraine on tour on the stage of the Sofia Opera. Tragedy, romance, but also love and victory of good is presented by the ballet "Swan Lake", in which the Ukrainian Ilona Kravchenko performs tonight. She comes from the Ballet Theater in Lvov, which has been closed for a month due to the military operations. And just like her character, she hopes the good will win in Ukraine.

Ilona Kravchenko has been on the ballet stage since she was a child. First in his native Kiev, and for several years as part of the ballet theater in Lvov, considered one of the largest cultural centres in Ukraine. "The Nutcracker" was her last performance before the war changed everything in her homeland.

"At the moment, the situation in Kiev is very bad, but, unfortunately, not only there, but in the whole of Ukraine. Communicating with my parents is very difficult. The connection is often lost and we have no information about each other. My friends are very tense. everyone is crying, many of our relatives and acquaintances have died," said the ballerina Ilona Kravchenko.

For a month now, the stage of the theater in Lvov has remained empty, and the artists who were part of it are touring in other theaters.

"Now they do not go to the theatre and sit at home. Some left Ukraine and went to other theatres, and some were invited by other artists. But, unfortunately, the men had to stay at home. I dedicate my performance to the Ukrainian people. I have an emotional connection with them and I hope that the whole world will support us," said Ilona Kravchenko.

Before appearing on the stage in Sofia, Ilona told that the break from ballet was painful for her.

"I am a ballerina and this period is very difficult for me. Not only for me, but for all people. You see, the life and career of a ballerina are very short. And this is difficult to accept, because to become a ballet dancer, you study 5 years, then you have a very short period of time in which you can dance, which is difficult to accept," said the ballerina.

"I hope that both in the production of "Swan Lake", as well as in Ukraine will win the good." And she will return to what she loves most.

"I want to dance, to develop. I wish I could do it at home, but unfortunately, at the moment it is impossible. For me, "Swan Lake" is a very dear spectacle, because it was the first in my career, when I was little," Ilona shared.

The role is divided between 2 characters, good and evil. But of course, in the end, the good wins.

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