Anna Tomowa-Sintow about “Lohengrin”: The light rises above the darkness, despite the thorns
Photo: Анна Томова-Синтова Снимка: Пресцентър на Софийската опера / Anna Tomowa-Sintow Photo: Sofia Opera Press Centre
10 Jun 2024Newspaper “24 Chasa”

Anna Tomowa-Sintow about “Lohengrin”: The light rises above the darkness, despite the thorns

On the eve of the premiere of the opera "Lohengrin", which will open the Wagner Festival of the Sofia Opera and Ballet on June 13, Kammersängerin Anna Tomowa-Sintow sent an emotional message to the whole team. Ms Sintow is an award-winning Wagner interpreter and accepted the invitation of the opera's director Plamen Kartaloff to work with the singers on the artistic and stylistic preparation of the roles.

"Lohengrin" is a positive work, instructive through a very large other realm that we humans can't very truly encompass. The light rises above the darkness, despite the thorns," she said.

"The work ends in major – a victory of the positive over the negative. Very topical for today I would say. In "Lohengrin" there's this foresight from Wagner, of what level we humans are at – the positive and the light win. We're going through hell. That's the truth and it doesn't happen without that.

The tree idea is brilliant, absolutely brilliant. The tree is always a symbol of life. And the opera ends positively. The light stays above the darkness from any position. That's what Lohengrin manages to do – on earth to help people, to illuminate them, and in the sense of Wagner, who put it all in – his deepest feelings are in his music.

May God pave the way for all these wonderful ideas and thoughts to be realized on stage.

I venture to share what I feel very strongly about Wagner himself. Good luck for everything you have in mind! Strength, health to you all. In this case I am selfish too, especially for the singers, for managing what they have as a task. They get to manifest on stage. With God's will and power forward," Sintow wished.