20 Jan 2014


On 31 January at 19 h at Sofia Opera and Ballet

the admirers of the art of ballet will have the chance to see again “La Bayadère” by L. Minkus. The choreography is by Marius Petipa, and the production is by Pavel Stalinsky. Participants are the soloists of the ballet Vesa Tonova, Katerina Petrova, Tsetso Ivanov and others.
Conductor of the spectacle is Grigor Palikarov.

About “La Bayadère”

For the first time on the stage of Sofia Opera and Ballet in 2012 was presented the entire original version of this ballet. One of the most stirring masterpieces of the famous Petipa was inspired by the drama by the ancient Indian poet Kalidasa and Goethe’s ballad “La Bayadère”. Tragedy and lyrics, striving for happiness, love and freedom interweave in this famous work, the action of which is set in Ancient India. The plot re-creates the passionate and all consuming love of the temple dancer Nikiya for the brave worrier Solor. Fidelity, betrayal, frankness and treachery are set in the base of this expressive ballet spectacle, ruling down time as apotheosis of ardent love.

About Pavel Stalinsky

Pavel Stalinsky is one of the most renowned Russian choreographers. He produces ballet spectacles all over the world. His father, Aleksey Stalinsky, was also ballet-dancer and choreographer. Aleksey Stalinsky inspired to Pavel love for ballet. The son admired his father, who up to the age of 75 was connected with this elevated art. Although he had heart disease and wounds from World War II, until his end Aleksey thought ballet to the young people. Entirely devoted to dance is also Pavel. He arrived in Sofia in May 2012, in order to produce the ballet “La Bayadère”. In this version the work was not played in Bulgaria. This is one of most difficult ballets. Like “Swan Lake” it stands among the heights of scenic art. In it one by one and in the mass scenes appear over 80 people. Among the performers were also students of the National School of Dance Art in Sofia.
Pavel Stalinsky was delighted by the work of our ballet artists. He produced “La Bayadère” after Marius Petipa, but he strived to give much from himself for the perfect development of each character and its independent sounding on the background of the whole production. Stalinsky’s motto is usual, but in it there is much sincerity and clarity: “One must dance not only with the body, but also with the soul, unite with the role in the way every believer unites with God!”

About the history of the production in Sofia
The choreographer Pavel Stalinsky is in love with his pianist Galya Lushtenko. Exceptionally good pianist, she arrived with him in Bulgaria, in order to play at the rehearsals of the famous ballet. They happened to meet before years, at the premiere of the ballet “Don Quixote” in Lvov. Love burst forth at first sight. Stalinsky maintains that such attraction exists. The young lady has a son from her first marriage. The ballet-dancer is already father of two grown-up daughters. Nothing is able to break off the tie between them. “When love is so strong, claims the choreographer, the dark, evil forces always interfere.” One day Pavel climbed on a high ladder, in order to repair the electric installation in his home. All of a sudden, as if someone pushed the ladder and he fell down. He had fractures all over the body, on the pelvis and the vertebrae, he was paralyzed with pain. Galya didn’t move away from him, until he was fully recuperated. Now they are inseparable and believe in fate. Stalinsky and Lushtenko are convinced, that in the beginning of each attraction is passion, after that follows the spiritual tie and then comes real, great love, as it is in the ballet “La Bayadère”.

Tickets for the spectacle “La Bayadère“ at prices of BGN 8 to 40 are on sale at the Ticket office of Sofia Opera and Ballet, 1, Vrabcha Str., and in the Easy Pay distribution net.