Newspaper Standart – “Parsifal” – a new triumph for the Sofia Opera
06 Jul 2017

Newspaper Standart – “Parsifal” – a new triumph for the Sofia Opera

The Wagnerians enjoy the spectacles on 6, 8 and 10 July at 18 h

The Sofia Opera and Ballet creates a triumph in succession – the unique spectacle “Parsifal”. Richard Wagner’s masterpiece is an international event for the classical stage of the capital – expected are hundreds of admirers of the German composer to arrive in our country for the next spectacles. The music lovers will enjoy the four-hour spectacle on 6, 8 and 10 July. Its director Plamen Kartaloff says: “135 years after its writing, “Parsifal” appears at last also at the Sofia Opera. Our soloists are magnificent – I don’t give them to any theatre of the world, because they are unique Wagner interpreters. Our orchestra is incredible – it plays with the most perfect and expensive instruments. And “Parsifal” is a nirvana. Most important is the emotional impact of the work. We have to discover the perfect rhythm, to give an impetus for the dynamic of the vision and the acting. Without destroying and irritating the experiences, to keep the consciousness awake.” The Academician, who achieved a real furore among the Wagnerians from all over the world with the celebrated tetralogy “Der Ring des Nibelungen” and with “Tristan und Isolde”, offers a challenge in succession for the senses and the soul.

“Parsifal” is a work, which has been produced over and over again on the international stages, but we have to rediscover a new and our world in its interpretation – without seeking an approach to the German theatre of the everyday problems of today of the street or the day. We are attracted by the unearthly, divine burning in the spiritual and sparkling mystic of the fantasy action. Unique are the philosophical messages, the musical and poetical projections in the dramaturgy of Wagner. The sacral Wagner drama is beyond the time and the place of the concreteness. In “Parsifal” reflects the endless life circulation including birth, life, death and reincarnation.

The most important in it, of course, is the music – with its mysticism, esoteric and religious sensitivity, with its visualization. “Parsifal” is an image of spiritual community, in which the ideas for the brotherhood, the humility, the love for the fellow-man are interweaved with the divine radiation and the spiritual cure. The stage mystery “Parsifal” is an image of our connection with the spiritual world – in it the music raises the senses into the boundless temple of the soul. A privilege of everyone who can avow himself in it.”, comments Kartaloff.

Set designer is Sven Jonke from Croatia, costume designer is Stanka Vauda. A gigantic 7-meter high Grail is the top in the vision.

Among the phenomenal soloists are Gergana Rusekova, Radostina Nikolaeva, Kostadin Andreev...

Kartaloff tells more, that at the Bayreuth Festival “Parsifal” continues 6 hours – with two intervals with taking a bite in the restaurants and the gardens around the theatre.

The Academician conducts several more events. At the moment runs also the traditional summer festival “Opera in the Park”, which is being held for the eight time on the territory of the Military Academy.

The natural exterior strengthens the messages, which the opera and ballet spectacles send to the spectators from different ages. The park, well-known with its unique landscape architecture, was open for access nine years ago, and in 2010, after Kartaloff’s idea started also the prestigious forum, at which the audience receives a more different and more intense perception.

The fans are expecting the spectacles from “Stage of the Peaks” under the Belogradchik Rocks – one really amazing experience, and now maestro Kartaloff will mount his artists also on a barge. This will happen at the foot of the Baba Vida Towers in the beginning of August.