Let’s remember about “Opera of the Peaks” – the material is by MANAGER.BG
11 Mar 2017

Let’s remember about “Opera of the Peaks” – the material is by MANAGER.BG

“Opera of the Peaks” won the international critique

The Sofia Opera enjoys numerous positive reviews, after having succeeded to move over 1500 spectators between 5 and 7 August with the festival “Opera of the Peaks – Belogradchik Rocks”. The tickets for this surprizing and provoking the curiosity festival ran out in advance, for less than two weeks after their release for sale, and with every day passed the interest in the expected event was growing.

The audience of the Sofia Opera and ballet enjoyed the opera and ballet art among the rock phenomena in Belogradchik, in combination with Wagner’s magic, offered in the Magura Cave.

The idea and the directing was of the Director of the Opera Acad. Plamen Kartaloff. “The Belogradchik Fortress is not just a historical monument, but also a synonym of national courage, heroism and striving for freedom of the Bulgarians from this region. The admiration for the beauties of nature and the majestic rocks mixes with the emotions and the traces of our glorious history”, shared he. “Why not continue to attract foreign audience in Bulgaria? Why not go there, where nature has been so generous to us, and we as if are not living with it? And as we know, this region is absolutely thirsty for art!” – noticed Kartaloff. 

“Big is our hope that the recorded during this amazing festival film material will turn into a conquering artistic document, which should reach more spectators on our planet”, comment people from the opera, having in mind a recording of the event.

“This was a real magic! The world must know what’s happening here! At the feet of this natural phenomenon your opera offered real peaks of vocal art! Let the beauty of this new festival reach all Bulgarian and European music lovers! Please deliver our admiration to your wonderful artists, to your amazing orchestra, to all those, who have built this unforgettable stage among your indescribable nature!”, declared Imre Latszi from Hungary. 

“Incredible! The Belogradchik Rocks turned out to be fantastic sets for your opera and ballet spectacles! The idea about this brilliant event is of genius! I wish you the festival “Opera of the Peaks” to live long!”, considers Zdenka Lisic, Serbia. 

“We are amazed at what we experienced and by your conquering spectacle in the womb of the fairy-tail Magura! What a chance it is to be among the first spectators of one epochal premiere of Wagner’s masterpieces in the natural and so fantastic environment of the cave stalactites and stalagmites! Oh, how does Wagner sound among the peace of eternity! Let’s honour this incredible project!”, said Elvira Braculescu from Romania.

“The musical transition, which you offered us in the mysterious Magura is an unprecedented event! I wish to more fortunate people to see and hear the conquering performances of your brilliant artists! Everything here was perfectly organized and my dream is for us to be again among this beauty! We are expecting your invitation for next year!”, added Hanka Novogurska from Poland.