"Life Today" Newspaper – The fairy-tale, which continues in life
23 Dec 2016

"Life Today" Newspaper – The fairy-tale, which continues in life

The spectacle on 22 December 2016 at the Sofia Opera and Ballet finished with a surprising proposal

In the classical stage repertoire there isn’t another work, which creates such a festive mood around Christmas like “The Nutcracker” by Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky. In the ballet come to life all most beautiful feelings from the childhood – the plays around the Christmas tree, the expectations of the presents, the crowded family gatherings, the expectation of something pure, beautiful and good…

And when the festive plot and the wonderful music are recreated on the stage of the Sofia Opera by a first class orchestra and ballet artists at a highest level, the experience is definitely worthy.

But the spectacle on 22 December 2016 under the baton of Boris Spasov didn‘t finish with the wedding of the already grown up fairy-tale characters Marie (Kristina Chochanova-Ivanova) and Fritz (Tsetso Ivanov), nor with the bows of the ballet artists under the continuous applauses of the audience. Because one boy in the hall has decided to ask for the hand of his beloved on the stage, on which minutes before the beautiful fairy-tale was as if finished. In this case however the celebration from the libretto of “The Nutcracker” continued with the surprise, which Atanas Yonev has prepared for his girlfriend Victoria Slaveva. The young man who works in Great Britain, said to Victoria that he has arranged both of them to congratulate the cast of the ballet after the spectacle. But behind the curtains, after the expressed by the two special spectators enthusiasm and acquaintance with the artists, Atanas with a great emotion took out an engagement ring and received Victoria’s consent to become his wife. This time the applauses were on the part of the performers who knew already from their director Sara-Nora Krysteva what was upcoming.


Atanas proposed marriage to Victoria in the Opera, picture Svetoslav Nikolov – Chapy

Actually everything was organized for a number of hours by the Deputy Director of the Opera Hristina Staneva and Sara-Nora, after Atanas Yonev turned to them with an unusual request. Personally the Director of the Opera maestro Plamen Kartaloff congratulated the future family and invited them to a spectacle on their choice for the first anniversary of their wedding.

Love like from a spectacle, picture Svetoslav Nikolov – Chapy

picture Svetoslav Nikolov – Chapy

maestro Plamen Kartaloff congratulated the future family, picture Svetoslav Nikolov – Chapy

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Pictures: Svetoslav Nikolov – Chapy, Sofia Opera and Ballet