BNT 2 – The Balkan states will offer tourist packages
18 Oct 2016

BNT 2 – The Balkan states will offer tourist packages

The Balkans are the sixth destination regarding the number of tourists on a world scale. This indicate the data of the World Tourism Organization. In order to attract more tourists, the Bulgarian tour operators will offer joint packages for excursions with its colleagues from the neighbour Balkan states. This became clear on the International Fair of Tourist Agencies which started today in Sofia.

More and more tourists arrive in our country because of cultural events, at that most preferred are the concerts at the Sofia Opera and Ballet.

Dimitar Sotirov – Public relations, Sofia Opera and Ballet: “Yesterday evening for example at the premiere of “Petrushka” we had a tourist, arrived with a private airplane from the USA. This speaks a lot about the prestige of our theatre.”

For advertising of the concerts of the Sofia Opera, one relies on the international fairs and recommendations from content visitors. Thereon rely also the tourist agencies in the country. The business expects state aids for elaboration of a strategy for popularization of Bulgarian tourism.