03 Jun 2014


The audience will see “Romeo and Julie” and “Fly to the light”

On 17 June, Tuesday, at 19.00 h, on the stage of Sofia Opera and Ballet guest-performer will be the ballet of State Opera – Ruse with the productions “Romeo and Julie” by P.I. Tchaikovsky and  “Fly to the light” after the music by Tchaikovsky, Gershwin, Massenet, Piazzolla and Rossini.

The choreography is by the prima-ballerina Silvia Tomova, the sets and costumes are by the unique painter from Italy Salvatore Russo, who has set many times with great success at the greatest opera theatres in Italy and in the world.

The story of Romeo and Julie was told and reproduced, loved and wanted, rediscovered and reiterated in time. And it is so as if everyone has his or her expectations....

This time revives Tchaikovsky’s fantastic overture “Romeo and Julie”. Many composers have responded with their music to the eternal themes of Shakespeare’s drama about the forbidden love of the young people, but Tchaikovsky, together with Prokofiev and Berlioz, has taken his place on the top of the list. In a period when Tchaikovsky still hadn’t established himself as a composer, Mily Balakirev, who defined himself as promoter of the Russian composers, assigned him to write a symphonic work on this subject. After the premiere presentation of the work (1869) Balakirev advised the composer to revise it. This happened in 1880. In the first version Tchaikovsky begins with a tender love melody, which dropped out later. In the composer’s fantasy Julie appears as a little girl, whose image evolves and is followed through in the music text. In the revised variant – the fantastic overture begins with the prayer of Padre Lorenzo and it is as if all events have already happened. The story of the enemy families is preserved in both variants.

The choreography of Silvia Tomova is based namely on this idea. The ballet “Romeo and Julie” begins with the blessing of Padre Lorenzo, who already knows everything... Like from Zeffirelli’s legendary film, on the stage line up the characters of Shakespeare’s drama – the scene is so impressive that for a moment the spectator forgets that he is present at a ballet spectacle. The soloists in the role of Romeo and Julie are like reborn characters from the time of romanticism – tender, young, so pure in their love. The costume designer Salvatore Russo recreates with mastery the authenticity of the age in every detail. And the dance is expressive, virtuous, well grounded in each movement. Silvia Tomova places skilfully and profoundly the accent on the psychological development of the figures. In her entire conception she puts in the philosophical searching of the cast out young people, who don’t accept the restrictions of the prejudices.

“The wish of Romeo and Julie to free themselves from these norms is the reason for them to meet each other. In his flight everyone finds something or somebody... But they are children, they are still children! Their meeting is passion, unconscious, but true... They are looking for their truth, they are looking for love, for which they are ready for everything – even to stand in the face of death... Everyone has the right of choice, even in love! Their rebelliousness and unwillingness to reconcile, transforms also the ideas of the adults, presumptuous in their artificial showmanship and false virtuousness... Why we must start valuing love, when we lose it...”

The ballet spectacle “Romeo and Julie” doesn’t have a sad end... Everyone could imagine what would happen after that.

In the second part of the ballet evening the spectators will experience one more delight for the senses with the spectacle “Fly to the light”. Different colours of the rainbow are put in in the fairy-tale beautiful costumes. The selected music by Rossini, Tchaikovsky, Massenet, Piazzolla and Gershwin will sound in unison with the entire dance sensuality of the spectacle. Ethereal movements and different dance techniques will rivet the attention and will allow the audience to fly along in the flight of its fantasies. Red, blue, green, yellow, white, black, the visible and invisible colours of our soul.
About the spectacle “Fly to the light” Silvia Tomova said that: “…it is conceived as a message for self-awareness, rediscovering of our strong sides and getting closer to nature. The colours of the rainbow, as the colours of the chakras, embody the nature matrix, the energies and the universe which surrounds us. Through the dance and the music are presented those sublime values which we cannot touch every moment. Falling into the magic of the spectacle, the movement is revealing us the sense of life, and the music is offering the supernatural sensation, transporting us in another dimension...”

In the spectacle “Fly to the light” takes part the entire ballet company of State Opera – Ruse.

You can purchase tickets at the Ticket office of Sofia Opera and Ballet and in Eventim’s distribution net at the prices of BGN 8, 10, 12, 15, 20 and 30.