When stage and hall melt into each other in one whole, when the hall fills in with applauses at every moving moment from the spectacle of “Les Misérables”, spontaneously, with children’s cries “bravo”, when a child conducts together with the conductor, enthusiastically, when together with the drums on the stage the children in the hall clap their hands in rhythm, when as if they want to start singing together with the artists at the barricades, this is unforgettable, it opens your soul for a world, different from the one in which we are living in.

Then the clouds from aggression and intolerance, threatening us, suddenly disappear, and something very true overtakes us. These children’s voices and exclamations “bravo” mean future.

What will they carry with them there in Pernik, where the water is not sufficient, whether someone of them some day will accomplish his or her act of heroism, not at the barricades, but in life?

Always questions, the answers of which depend on us.

The spectacle of the Sofia Opera and Ballet for the children of Pernik evoked different reflections about the way we are living, about what we could give to the young, so that they have desire to give their answers for the future. A future which is possible, if we listen attentively to the voice of our hearts, if we have the courage to make our dreams come true.

Magdalena Manolova

Pictures by: Светослав Николов

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