It is a real luck that in my entire artistic path such an incredible professional like Yasen Valchanov was close to me as teacher, stage partner and friend in life.

Let him be healthy and still for a long timetransfer his mastery to the future generations!

Sara-Nora Krysteva – Artistic Director of the Ballet

Yasen Valchanov is not only a charismatic artist – he is a legend!

As a pedagogue – coach and my partner of many years, Yasen is the person, who made me real knowing and capable ballerina.

Dilyana Nikoforova – Prima ballerina

Yasen Valchanov is a real Father of Bulgarian ballet. I had the pleasure to work with him as my coach since my joining of the ballet company of the Opera already 13 years. I cannot describe how much he helped for my development as ballet dancer. I think that if it wasn’t for him, Bulgarian ballet wouldn’t be the same. This is one whole life, in which he didn’t stop giving his best on the stage, in the hall, at the National Academy for Theatre and Film Arts … and so I could really call Yasen Valchanov my second father.

Nikola Hadjitanev – Premier soloist

The name Yasen Valchanov I connect with a lot of love and respect! I would like to thank him for the dedicated work, for the great professionalism and love to dance with which he has been infecting generations in succession. Happy Anniversary to the incredible person with great respect for his not sparing himself and cares!

Marta Petkova – Prima ballerina

It is difficult to describe Yasen Valchanov with few words. He is a person from whom one could learn a lot, because he knows how to transfer experience and knowledge as a real professional. It is a pride for Bulgarian ballet that it has such a personality with whom the young performers can get in touch.

Tsetso Ivanov – Premier soloist

I know Yasen Valchanov since the time, when he was dancing actively on the stage – we came from school to watch his spectacles and we were exceptionally delighted by the characters which he recreated and by his wonderful technique. Later, when I joined the theatre’s ballet company, I had the honour to dance with him on the same stage, and later – to be his partner in the ballets “Serenade” and “La Dame aux Camélias”. I am thankful for everything and I am happy that I can work and learn from a professional like him – with enormous talent and experience!

Katerina Petrova – Prima ballerina


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