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Neli Karova and Mihail Lyutskanov Neli Karova and Mihail Lyutskanov

1919 is the year, in which took place the first performance of the opera “Eugene Onegin” in Bulgaria. Conductor then was Todor Hadjiev, and author of the direction of the spectacle was Hristo Popov. For these 100 years Tchaikovsky’s opus turned into a favourite one for the audience and for the artists of the Sofia Opera. Some of our greatest singers have incarnated themselves in the roles of the work, product of two geniuses – Alexander Sergeyevich Pushkin and Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky.

On 10 February at 19 h, on the stage of the Opera will be performed “Eugene Onegin”’s newest production with stage director Vera Petrova and conductor Zhorzh Dimitrov. Several hours earlier – at 16:00 h, the Sofia Opera will open an exhibition, dedicated to the life of this title in the different years. You will have the possibility to see photos, sketches and materials from 1919 to this day! Don’t miss the opportunity to look back in time and see the faces of the unforgettable Raina Stoyanova, Lyuben Minchev, Mihail Lyutskanov, Dimitar Kozhuharov, Virginia Popova, Ilia Yosifov, Mati Pinkas, Assen Selimski, Dimitar Tsolov, Julia Wiener, Alexandrina Miltcheva, Petko Marinov, Sabin Markov, Dimitar Petkov, Nadya Sharkova and many others. The exhibition makes a reference to our days, when on the stage the characters come to life with the voices of the theatre’s leading artists – Dimitar Stanchev, Atanas Mladenov, Radostina Nikolaeva, Tsvetana Bandalovska, Hrisimir Damyanov, Krasimir Dinev, Petar Buchkov …

On 10 February in the lead roles you will have the chance to see again Mladenov, Damyanov, Stanchev. In the role of Olga will be Violeta Radomirska, and in this star cast will debut the young soprano Stefani Krasteva.