The great Tchaikovsky and Pushkin with “Eugene Onegin” at the Sofia Opera under the direction of Vera Petrova

On 10 February 2019 the admirers of the operatic art will be with “Eugene Onegin” by Tchaikovsky. This production by Vera Petrova opened the opera season at the Sofia Opera in season 2016/2017, and later in season 2017/2018 – of the Verdi Theatre in Trieste. One festive beginning, and at the same time successful, and the applauses for the premiere are the high esteem, which the international audience gave to the Bulgarian stage director. The high society of Trieste gathered in official cloths at the Verdi Theatre to celebrate the premiere of one luxurious “Eugene Onegin”. The co-production with the Sofia Opera turned out to be musically, as well as artistically succeeded fest, which ended with wild minutes long applauses.

Vera Petrova 150 The Italian critics wrote: “The reproduction of the atmosphere of “Eugene Onegin” through the equipment, more than having a good name, of the Sofia Opera and Ballet, which we were watching on the stage of the Verdi Opera Theatre, Vera Petrova’s direction and the sets – realized by Alexander Kostyuchenko and the costumes by Steve Almerighi, follow literally Tchaikovsky’s instructions. One very cleared up spectacle, which was performed several times in Sofia and is always expected by the audience.”

Those, who saw Vera Petrova’s production maintain that it reminds of Chekhov’s plays – in the beginning with the slow rhythm in Act I, and then with the storm of feelings in the next acts. Well subjected to the essential, which pursues Tchaikovsky himself, Vera Petrova’s spectacle tells the story of one dream of Onegin. The moments of unparalleled poetry – the hectic worry of the famous scene with the letter – the stories of the “dandy” Onegin, of the passionate Tatyana, of the light-headed Olga, of the dreamer Lensky are recreated by young actors-singers, in the spirit of Tchaikovsky. The composer was looking for “Eugene Onegin”: “1) unknown singers, but disciplined and diligent; 2) singers, who, moreover, are able to act in a natural and convincing way; 3) sets and costumes, not so ornate, but exactly reproducing the age; 4) chorus, which not to be a herd of sheep, like in the imperial opera houses, but which really takes part in the action; 5) chorus master, who to be no celebrity. Come what may, but I won’t give my opera to the Imperial opera theatres and if I don’t manage to produce it at the Conservatoire, it won’t see the light of day.”  

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Vera Petrova answers Tchaikovsky’s requirements. In the Sofia “Eugene Onegin”, as well in the one in Trieste, the performers are mainly young artists, who are giving their best. The audience, which overcrowded the hall in Trieste, applauded long time with heart and soul the spectacle, because it liked it. One very good beginning of the season for the Verdi Theatre. This production by Vera Petrova the Bulgarian audience will have the chance to see on the stage of the Sofia Opera and Ballet.

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Participants on 10 February:

Larina: Alexandrina Stoyanova-Andreeva
Tatyana: Stefani Krasteva – debut
Olga: Violeta Radomirska – guest
Filippyevna: Vesela Yaneva
Eugene Onegin: Atanas Mladenov
Lenski: Hrisimir Damyanov
Prince Gremin: Angel Hristov
Company Commander: Stefan Dimitrov
Zaretsky: Dimitar Stanchev
Triquet: Kalin Dushkov

Orchestra, chorus and ballet of the Sofia Opera

Conductor: Zhorzh Dimitrov
Director: Vera Petrova
Musical and style preparation: Larisa Gergieva, Russia
Set Design: Alexander Kostyuchenko, Belarus
Costume Designer: Steve Almerighi, Italy
Chorus Master: Violeta Dimitrova
Choreography: Riolina Toplaova
Literary consultant: Prof. Lyudmil Dimitrov
Concertmasters: Maria Evstatieva, Lyudmil Nenchev
Multimedia Effects Artist: Elena Shopova
Artistic Lighting: Emil Dinkov
Assistant Director: Vladimir Gortchakov
Wardrobe Supervisor: Hristiyana Mihaleva-Zorbalieva
Senior Stage Manager: Vera Beleva
Stage Managers: Vladimir Gortchakov, Rumyana Dimitrova, Stefka Georgieva, Suzana Shomova
Répétiteurs: Yolanta Smolyanova, Milen Stanev, Pelagia Cherneva, Svetlana Ananievska
Surtitles: Yulia Krasteva

Deputy Director Technical Issues Eng. Nikolay Arachkov
Technical services and workshops of the Sofia Opera and Ballet


Pictures by: Светослав Николов

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