Ballets and operas have more than 500 performances - Newspaper “24 chasa”, 31.01.2019, p. 27

“The Nutcracker” is the spectacle performed for the longest time “The Nutcracker” is the spectacle performed for the longest time

Many ballets and operas, especially these from the classical repertoire, have more than 500 performances, showed an inquiry of “24 chasa” in the Archive of the Sofia Opera and Ballet.

Undoubted leader in performances is the present production of “The Nutcracker”, staged by the great Russian choreographer Yuri Grigorovich in 1988. For these 30 years since then, it was performed often – 20-30 times per year. This way it gathers over 500 performances. During this time, through the production have passed three generations of ballet dancers. The sets were changed two times, and the costumes – ca. 5 times, because they get worn out.

Since the premiere of “Swan Lake” in 1995 till now, the production was performed ca. 300 times and also two times it was necessary the costumes to be replaced. Another ballet, also performed ca. 300 times, is “Zorba the Greek”, even though its premiere was in 1999.

From the operas the longest stage life has Plamen Kartaloff’s production of “Don Carlo” – ca. 200 times. It was staged in 1987 and through it have passed our greatest opera singers – Nicolai Ghiaurov, Nicola Ghiuselev, Ghena Dimitrova, Valerie Popova, Dimitar Stanchev and others.

Noteworthy many spectacles has also “Turandot” in the production from 1995, made specially for the guest-performance with Ghena Dimitrova in Japan. It is often performed abroad and has gathered nearly 300 spectacles. “La traviata” has already nearly 80 performances. It is also performed very often, but the present production by Acad. Plamen Kartaloff is only 5-year old – from November 2013.


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