Opinion of the journalist Ivan Varbanov, expressed in Facebook, after the spectacle “Parsifal” by Richard Wagner on 30.01.2019

“Parsifal” – a unique experience, a flight in another dimension, in another frequency and energy. An ascent!

Congratulations for the soloists of the Opera! Bravo to the Bulgarian singers!

Guleghina – strong presence, vocally respecting impact, powerful and beautiful voice, dense emission, perfect technique!

A spectacle, which tears you away from the earthly and transports you gradually, through superimposing of image, sound and picture into the mystical and the eternal, into the universe and the eternity.

The codes of influence are in all layers and levels, provided that you are prepared to decode them!

Thanks for the unique experience to be in front of this gate of time, religion, mysticism, philosophy and extasy!

A spectacle, creating a different world of sensory nature!

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