The Universe Called Wagner – Introduction in Magic

Following up on last year’s initiative of organizing events, intended to accompany Wagner’s dramas and deepen their understanding, this year we are honored to meet two distinguished lecturers on 7 July (Saturday) from 11 AM in the Camera Room of Sofia Opera and Ballet.


Thomas Meyer from Basel, Switzerland will give a lecture entitled The Human Self and Its Transformation in the Future

Abstract: Wagner’s “Ring” is the drama of how we became Egos and learned to struggle for its independence from the gods. This led us straight into Egotism. The curse of the ring is the curse of selfishness. How can this curse be overcome and what is the double nature of gold?


Dr. Olaf Koob from Berlin, Germany will give a lecture entitled The Spiritual and Mythological Background to Wagner’s “Ring”

Abstract: Wagner has taken for his opera subjects mostly stories from old German mythology. What is the deeper meaning that love, redemption and guilt is the leading idea of his work? What was Wagner’s connection to mystics?

Biographical notes:

Thomas Meyer – born in 1950 in Basel. He graduated in humanitarian sciences, history and philosophy. He is founder of the “Perseus Verlag” Publishing House in Basel and editor of the monthly magazine “Der Europäer” and its English version “The Present Age”. He is giving lectures on different themes all over the world, and has authored and staged also several dramas in Basel. Several of his books have been published in Bulgarian, among them “Rudolf Steiner’s Core Mission” and “In the Sign of 5“.

Dr. Olaf Koob – born in 1943 in Berlin. He studied medicine and started work as a school doctor. He specialized therapy for children with special needs and is consultant in drug addiction diseases. He gives lectures and seminars in Germany and all over the world and has authored many books on medicine and healing. Several of his books have been published in Bulgarian, among them “If the Organs Could Speak”.


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