Newspaper “Music Review” Music Theatre - Guest-performances of the Sofia Opera and Ballet at the Bolshoi Theatre: “Yana’s Nine Brothers”, “Le corsaire” and “Der Ring des Nibelungen”

Scene from the spectacle “Yana’s Nine Brothers” of the Sofia Opera and Ballet. Scene from the spectacle “Yana’s Nine Brothers” of the Sofia Opera and Ballet. Photo Svetoslav Nikolov


Bolshoi Theatre, Der Ring des Nibelungen, Sofia Opera and Ballet

In May the Sofia Opera and Ballet will arrive in Moscow with a large-scale guest-performance programme. On the New stage of the Bolshoi Theatre will be presented L. Pipkov’s opera “Yana’s Nine Brothers” (12 May), the ballet by А. Аdam “Le corsaire” (13 May) and – during four evenings – R. Wagner’s tetralogy “Der Ring des Nibelungen” (18, 19, 21 and 22 May).

The Sofia Opera and Ballet have not appeared on the stage of the Bolshoi Theatre since 1981. More than thirty-five years have passed and not only the trends in art, but the whole world has changed. Of course, getting ready for us, the theatre did its best to prepare itself the best way. “Yana’s Nine Brothers” will open these large-scale guest-performances with a carefully made and ambitious programme.

“The Nine Brothers” is the pearl in the works of art of Lyubomir Pipkov, one of the “major” Bulgarian composers, an opera, in which are reflected the searching for national identity, as well as the striving to merge the achievements of the European opera of the 19th century with the expressive advanced-guard language, typical for the music from the first decade of the 20th century.

The Moscow music lovers is offered a unique chance: on 12 May – just one time! – they can hear it at the Bolshoi Theatre (we are convinced that the strongly impressing visual expression won’t leave anyone indifferent too) and at that it is “proud” that “besides” it can be heard only in Sofia, where in this concrete stage version it has also appeared quite recently – just some month and a half ago!

It is easy to understand why to us comes also the ballet “Le corsaire” – the next “point” of the guest-performance programme (13 May). On the one hand, this is Petipa, our “everything”, which has become “everything” for the whole ballet world, and besides this year is celebrated the 200th Anniversary of this great French, who became Russian. On the other hand, the spectacle is also very fresh: its premiere took place in November 2017. The admirers of the ballet, unconditionally, would like to “compare” the redaction, upcoming at the Bolshoi, with the one, which will show the guests. Moreover, as specialist in Petipa traditionally will appear the producer, who is acquainted at first hand with the Russian ballet – Eldar Aliev, who, after his stay in the USA, already more than ten years is devoted to the Mariinsky Theatre.

The guest-performance will continue (and finish) with the tetralogy “Der Ring des Nibelungen”. The musically tempted person understands very well how labour-intensive and courageous undertaking is to realize the production of Wagner’s whole cycle. The Sofia Opera (Director and stage director Plamen Kartaloff) so powerfully and in the real sense of the word unprecedently for the Republic of Bulgaria (first production for the entire history of this theatre) decided to mark yet another 200th Jubilee – the one of Richard Wagner. The premieres followed year after year – “Das Rheingold” in 2010 (on the stage of the Bolshoi Theatre the spectacle will be shown on 18 May), “Die Walküre” – in 2011 (at the Bolshoi – 19 May), “Siegfried” – in 2012 (21 May at the Bolshoi). “Die Götterdämmerung” (at the Bolshoi on the 23th) came in time for the 200th Anniversary, celebrated in 2013. In the repertoire of the Bolshoi Theatre in the moment there is no Wagner, and that is why our guest bring him to us!

Publication source ГАБТ, 12.05.201

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