Beatrice Venezi will be guest at the Sofia Opera

The young lady will conduct the concert “Puccini’s women” on 20 January

Few young people can make the following confession: “I grew up with bread and Puccini”, but such words are suiting to Beatrice Venezi and they reveal her spiritual nature – by fate to be connected with the Italian classical music and with one of Italy’s composers of genius – Giacomo Puccini.

Beatrice was born on the 5th of March 1990 in Lucca, Puccini’s place of birth, and she considers the unique composer to be her guiding star in life. According to her classical music is not something old-fashioned. She has a real inner potential to impress and conquer the young generation. That is why the young lady set out for Giacomo’s opera world – at first, as a child she played on the piano, then she decided to become a conductor – graduated from the Music Lyceum in Lucca and from the Conservatory of Siena and Milan in the period 2011-2015. She studied conducting and composition in Florence and Milan and became assistant of M° Oleg Caetani and of M° John Axelrod. Beatrice Venezi gave over 30 concerts on the piano – solo, as well as with ensembles for chamber music, and in her repertoire are included: Mozart, Prokofiev, Beethoven, Mendelssohn, Brahms and others.

As conductor she has a marked interest in the Italian composers. In the first place is her fellow-citizen – the great Puccini. She desires to reveal the strong feminine themes in the composer’s opera: “Madama Butterfly”, “La bohème”, “Tosca”, “Manon Lescaut” and others. For her Puccini was the first one, who attached great importance to the role of women in the opera and dealt with their psychology and personality.

The debut of Beatrice Venezi in an opera production abroad was in Germany, with “Madama Butterfly”. The conductor shared that this debut has a special sentimental value for her.

The young lady has also attitude to the white sheet – she is author of the essay “The inner Necessity of Art”. With her varied appearances Venezi won recognition as messenger of the high-quality Italian culture around the world.

Beatrice has a sensational career – she became a reputable and esteemed conductor still at the age of 22. She has an open character and pays attention to the innovations in art. She always looks for a dialogue between the tradition and the modern time. The Italian and the foreign media predict a great future for her. Venezi is young, beautiful and avoids the clichés. She owns a true women’s sense and a subtle ear, which are exceptional and necessary abilities for creative prosperity. The opera career of the conductor is not a definite static place – it is a long way, in which there is everything. An endless series of rises and falls, which get overcome with constancy. The reward is only one and this is the grateful audience.

In July 2017 Venezi was Chief guest-conductor of the 63rd Puccini Festival in Lucca and conducted the comic opera “La rondine” – about the fluxes and refluxes in love, about the feeling, which makes us happy and sad.

The Italian points out that she will conduct with joy the concert on 20 January at the Sofia Opera, because it is connected with her favourite composer – Puccini.

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