/Penka Momchilova, Bulgarian Telegraph Agency/ – Eldar Aliev presents in Sofia his version of “Le corsaire” after successful productions of the ballet all over the world

The well-known choreographer Eldar Aliev presents at the Sofia Opera and ballet his version of “Le corsaire” by Adolphe Adam after successful productions of the ballet all over the world. The premiere is on 24 November.

“I can say that my version has a happy destiny”, commented Aliev today in front of reporters. “I was working with Bulgarian ballet dancers also before, including when I was in the USA, since years I am in the jury of the Varna International Ballet Competition, so that my coming here is a natural stage in my work”, added the choreographer.

He is with excellent impressions regarding the discipline and the talent of the artists from the Ballet of the Sofia Opera, their desire always to learn new things, which, after the words of the Director of the ballet company Sara-Nora Krysteva, will be useful to them also in future. She appreciates the dynamics of the spectacle and the complicated elements of the classical ballet lexis, which are a challenge for the dancers, but also a chance for maximal demonstration of their abilities. Engaged is the entire ballet company. Participants are also students from the National School of Dance Art.

Among the soloists are Tsetso Ivanov, Nikola Hadzhitanev, Aleksandar Aleksandrov, Emil Yordanov, Katya Petrova, Marta Petkova, Boryana Petrova, Venera Hristova.

The libretto is by Eldar Aliev – after motives of the libretto by Henri Vernoy de Saint-Georges and Joseph Mazilier. Added is music by: Cesare Pugni, Léo Delibes, Riccardo Drigo and Pyotr Oldenburgsky. Aliev, who is also light designer, has included in his version of “Le corsaire” fragments from Marius Petipa’s choreography.

The set design is by Semyon Pastukh, the costumes – by Galina Solovyova. For Aliev the work with the designers is also very important – after his words, they have added their own ideas, which enriched the spectacle.

The wish to make his own version of “Le corsaire” was born still when he was playing the main role in the spectacle at the Mariinsky theatre in the middle of the 1980-es. In spite of the fact that the choreographer was a dictator, Aliev dared to ask him questions, in order to construct the character. He was also worried by the fact that in tragic in their concept moments of the spectacle the audience abroad was laughing.

“When I was making the ballet, I wanted the spectators to laugh where I consider for necessary”, marked the choreographer. “Because “Le corsaire”, like most ballets, has no specially intriguing plot, I decided to develop my version around the main classical items, which are often presented at concerts, like the pas de deux of Medora and Conrad and the characteristic dance”, added Aliev. His striving is to keep the audience in tension during all the action. Important is also the choreography to be interesting for the performers – then it will be interesting for the spectators too.  

“Le corsaire” was created in 1856 after Lord Byron’s poem of the same name. Since its first staging in Paris, the ballet was completed with music by other composers, the choreography was altered, but the fascinating plot about the adventures and the love of the noble corsair remains the same, and the music attracts with its ease and French exquisiteness, according to connoisseurs.

/Penka Momchilova, Bulgarian Telegraph Agency/

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