Soo Bin Lee will dance on 22 March in “Swan Lake” on the stage of the Sofia Opera and Ballet

The Korean will perform in season 2015/ 2016 the role of Nikiya from La Bayadère”

At the XXVI International Ballet Competition in Varna in 2014 in group “B” – Youth, the “Special distinction Varna 2014“ – diploma and medal and the laureate title were awarded to Soo-Bin Lee, Korea.

Prof. Vladimir Vasilev, President of the jury, admitted, that the jury had difficulties because of the very close good results of the demonstrated young participants and concluded:

“This exuberance of good achievements makes me think, that classical ballet won’t die, it will be alive, as long as we are alive and as long as exist the good schools, which are training the young artists.”

On her hand, Sara-Nora Krysteva, member of the jury and Ballet Director of the Sofia Opera and Ballet, pointed out, that Soo-Bin Lee from Korea is only 16-year-old and she was endlessly impressed by her play still in Tour I. Then the Korean performed “Pas de deux” from Act III of “Swan Lake”. Mrs. Krysteva emphasized, that her performance was brilliant.

At the awarding Sara-Nora invited Soo-Bin Lee to be guest-performer in “Swan Lake” on 22 March with the role of Odette-Odile on the stage of the Sofia Opera and Ballet. She told that many artists can make complicated pirouettes and jumps. But there is something, which is more important than them, and this is the soul. Very few people can make you cry or laugh. These are the people of the greatest value, and Soo-Bin Lee is one of them. “The next season we shall invite the young Korean to perform the role of Nikiya from “La Bayadère – added the Ballet Director of the Sofia Opera and Ballet.”

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