Terms and conditions


  1. These General Terms and Conditions (GTC) shall apply to the activities performed by the Sofia Opera and Ballet (hereinafter referred to as the “OPERA”) in the field of performing arts, governing the procedure, manner and conditions for the purchase and use of tickets for the performances (opera, ballet, musical, concerts, children's, etc.) from the OPERA program, the rules for the behavior of the spectators during the performances, the use of the site www.operasofia.bg and its services, and other general provisions.
  2. The present GTC come into force from the moment of their publication on the OPERA website www.operasofia.bg and are placed in a prominent place in the OPERA building. By purchasing a ticket, the holder agrees with the current GTC and undertakes to comply with them.
  3. The OPERA reserves the right at its discretion and at any time to change the GTC as the respective change comes into force from the publication of the amended ones on the OPERA website.
  4. Before booking or purchasing a ticket for a performance, the persons should check and get acquainted with the current GTC.


  1. (1) A ticket for a performance from the OPERA program can be purchased from:
  2. OPERA ticket office against the issuance of a receipt (address: Sofia, 1 Vrabcha Street) and other box offices.
  3. online at www.operasofia.bg as detailed purchase instructions can be read here: https://www.operasofia.bg/bileti/onlain-bileti. The instructions are an integral part of these GTC.
  4. distribution networks authorized by the OPERA (such as Eventim, EasyPay, etc.);
  5. authorized distributors.

(2) For OPERA performances, broadcast or distributed through online platforms for audio or audio-visual content, which are accessible by paying a price for access to the respective platform, the rules and conditions established by the provider of this platform shall apply.

  1. Those interested can book tickets on the phone for information and reservations, announced on the website of the OPERA and their payment should be made at the box office or by bank transfer, within 72 (seventy-two) hours of the hour and minute of the reservation, but not later than 1 (one) week before the pereformance. For group visits (10 or more people) reservation by phone is allowed after confirmation by the OPERA.
  2. The ticket contains at least the following information – name of the performance, date, venue, start time, the row and seat chosen by the spectator, ticket price.
  3. After the spectator has made his choice of the performance, number of tickets and seats at the OPERA box office, the cashiers will give them the opportunity to check whether these circumstances are properly registered by showing them the screen that contains information about the ticket(s) application. In case the viewer has objections to the correct registration of this data, they should make them to the cashier immediately. Payments at the ticket office are made in cash and/or through a POS terminal for accepting direct payments by debit and/or credit cards.
  4. In case the spectator buys tickets outside the box office of the OPERA, he should carefully check the data for the choice of performance – title, price, date, time, seat, row.
  5. (1) The purchase of a ticket provides the holder with the right to be a spectator of a performance from the OPERA program to which the ticket refers.

(2) In the cases when the ticket is purchased online from the OPERA website, the buyer should mark at the indicated place a check box that he has read and accepts the current GTC, including the instructions for purchasing tickets online in order to continue the procedure for purchasing a ticket.

  1. (1) The ticket is valid only for the title and the date written on it.

(2) The ticket shall be presented for inspection before the performance in the original (together with the receipt when purchased by the ticket office) and with intact integrity and appearance.

(3) When the spectator has purchased a ticket through the OPERA website, the entry shall be made with a printed electronic ticket with a barcode, which shall be scanned at the entrance. The barcode can also be scanned from the screen of a mobile device.

  1. After making the purchase, the ticket holder has no right to return the ticket, as well as to claim a refund of the amount paid for the ticket, except in the cases explicitly provided for in these GTC.
  2. When purchasing a ticket at the OPERA box office, the person may leave contact details. Through the indicated contacts the person will be promptly notified in case of change of the starting time or cancellation of a performance from the OPERA program. In case the person does not provide a contact for feedback, the OPERA will not be able to inform him about the change.
  3. The ticket holder is obliged to keep it from the moment of its purchase until the end of the performance to which it refers and the departure from the hall or other venues where the performances of the OPERA take place.
  4. For a lost, stolen, damaged or forgotten ticket, the OPERA does not issue duplicates and does not refund money.
  5. The performances are held at the place indicated on the ticket, unless another venue is explicitly announced after its purchase in the advertising materials and/or on the website of the OPERA.
  6. The OPERA reserves the right to make changes in the cast and program of performances without prior notice to the public.
  7. Spectators should arrive at the OPERA 30 minutes before the start time of the performance indicated on the ticket, take their place in the hall or the places where the OPERA performances are staged, at least 15 minutes before the start, as well as in time for the second/third act after intermission.
  8. The OPERA employees have the right to refuse access to the hall or other places where the OPERA performances are staged, and to the performance, to a person without a ticket for the respective performance, as well as to a person who presents a ticket, which is damaged, torn, illegible or manipulated in any way.
  9. (1) The late spectators, as well as the spectators, who wish to return to the hall after leaving it during the performance, for any reason, shall be accommodated on the third balcony until the first intermission, if there are free seats. For open-air performances, late spectators are allowed to their seats after the first intermission. Spectators who have arrived and wish to take their seats after the time intervals specified in point 18 shall be considered late.

(2) Upon leaving the hall or the places where the performances of the OPERA are staged, during a performance, the return shall take place only against display of the ticket under the conditions of the previous points. In case a spectator leaves the hall or the places where the OPERA performances are staged before the end of the performance for which a ticket has been purchased and does not return, the OPERA does not owe a refund of any part of the ticket price or other compensation.

  1. (1) Return of a ticket or its exchange for another performance shall not be allowed, except in the cases when the performance has not taken place, has been canceled or interrupted during its performance for reasons for which the OPERA is responsible. Unforeseeable or unavoidable circumstances such as force majeure, accidental act, actions of third parties, declaration of war, state of emergency or similar situation, coup d'etat, natural disasters, accidents, epidemics, deterioration of meteorological conditions during outdoor performances, including their relocation due to this for another date and/or place, illness of artists, technical malfunctions such as interruption of electricity or heat supply and other circumstances of an extraordinary nature. In the cases of the previous sentence, the OPERA may, with a special announcement, give instructions regarding the staging of the performance on another date, stage and/or the exchange/revalidation of the issued tickets. To avoid any dispute, a performance is considered to have taken place if it has been performed up to the middle of the first act.

(2) In case of performances held on an open stage, which did not take place due to their cancellation, interruption or started with a delay due to worsening weather conditions, the OPERA reserves the right to move them to an indoor stage, if this is possible according to the circumstances or for another date and/or place, without owing the return of the purchased tickets or other compensation, in which case the previous paragraph shall apply, unless the OPERA has announced otherwise in a special announcement.

  1. (1) In case the performance has not taken place, has been canceled or interrupted due to the fault of the OPERA, the ticket holder shall have the right to choose between:
  2. A ticket holder cannot claim reimbursement for any damages and/or lost profits incurred in connection with a failed, canceled or interrupted performance for whatever reason (such as transportation costs, accommodation, food, drinks, etc.) .

  3. A ticket holder cannot claim a refund of the price of a ticket, in cases where an announced artist from a performance does not take part in it, on the basis of claims that the ticket was purchased specifically for the participation of the particular artist.

  4. THE OPERA is not responsible when a performance in which it participates in any way, but is organized by third parties, does not take place, is canceled or interrupted for a reason for which its organizers or third parties are responsible. In this case, the ticket holder should contact the relevant organizer.

26. If a person is prevented from using the ticket he purchased and/or refuses to attend a performance, this ticket can only be RE-VALIDATED if an additional 50% of the seat value for the newly selected performance is paid. The amount cannot be less than the minimum price category for the relevant performance with the reduction of 50%. The term for revalidation of tickets is until the end of the working day of the ticket office on the day preceding the day of the performance for which the ticket is revalidated.


  1. The OPERA determines the ticket prices for the performances from its program, for which prices each person can be informed at the OPERA box office, on our website www.operasofia.bg, from the distribution networks authorized by the OPERA and the authorized distributors. All ticket prices are in Bulgarian levs.
  2. (1) OPERA provides discounts to certain categories of persons and under certain conditions, as follows:
    1. pupils, students, pensioners and the disabled enjoy a 20% discount from the regular ticket price.
    2. in case of group visits of 10 or more people a 20% discount from the regular price of the tickets for a performance is used.
    3. corporate clients enjoy a discount from the regular ticket price according to an additional agreement with the OPERA.
    4. for subscription cycles the discounts are in accordance with the conditions specified for each cycle.
    5. children from 6 (six) to 10 (ten) years of age enjoy a 50% discount from the regular ticket price for performances for adults.
    6. other discounts determined by the OPERA.
  3. The above discounts do not apply to:
    1. the lowest price category of the respective performance
    2. for premieres, open stages, children's performances on the big stage, New Year's concerts and guest performances.
    3. tickets purchased online from the OPERA website, through OPERA-authorized distribution networks and authorized distributors.
  4. Combination of discounts on different grounds is not applied. If a person meets several conditions for using a discount on the ticket price, he should indicate on which condition they will use the discount.
  5. The person who wishes to use a discount from the ticket price shall certify his right to receive it with the respective document before an employee of the box office of the Opera upon its purchase.
  6. The person who has bought a ticket with a discount shall not have the right to sell, exchange or donate it to another person, unless this other person meets the conditions for using the same discount. In case this person is not entitled to a discount on the ticket price, he/she will not be admitted to the performance in the hall/stage to which the ticket refers, unless he/she pays the difference from the ticket price without discount. In this case, the discounted ticket is canceled and a new ticket is issued without a discount.
  7. The OPERA employees have the right to request the presentation of a document certifying the use of a discount, both at the OPERA box office and immediately before the ticket holder is admitted to the hall/stage.
  1. THE OPERA can offer its spectators gift cards (Gift cards) of a value chosen by them. The Gift card is a plastic or electronically generated image, containing a unique number and entitling its holder to receive tickets for performances from the OPERA program until the monetary value contained in the card is exhausted and within the validity period indicated on the card.
  2. Gift card:
    1. can be purchased at the Ticket Office at 1 Vrabcha St., Sofia or, if technically possible, online at www.operasofia.bg;

    2. it does not contain individualization data of its holder and can be used by any card carrier;

  1. can be used multiple times to purchase tickets from the Ticket Office at 1 Vrabcha St., Sofia or online at www.operasofia.bg. In the event that the desired tickets exceed the value contained in the Gift card, the holder shall pay the corresponding difference. For tickets purchased with a Gift card, the provisions in Section II of the present Terms and Conditions regarding the purchase, return and exchange of tickets for Sofia Opera and Ballet performances apply, with which the Gift card holder must familiarize himself in advance.
  2. is not a debit or credit card or other means of payment and cannot be exchanged for its monetary equivalent;
  3. enables the purchase of tickets online at www.operasofia.bg, and the holder must be registered on the site in accordance with these General Terms and Conditions. When selecting the desired tickets and wishing to use the value of the Gift card, its holder should enter its unique number in the field specified in the system;
  4. gives the possibility to check its availability, for which purpose the owner of the Gift card should visit the Ticket Office of the OPERA or online at www.operasofia.bg, by entering the unique number of the Gift card in the field specified in the system.

    1. THE OPERA can offer its regular specators customer cards (club cards) that provide them with additional discounts tied to the number and frequency of purchased tickets, receiving additional information about the current events and initiatives of the OPERA, as well as the opportunity to participate in various raffles, promotional campaigns and the like.

    2. The conditions for issuing, receiving and using club cards, their type and discounts, are determined by the OPERA and can be changed at any time unilaterally by it, including to suspend their issuance and/or use of already issued such cards, for which the OPERA notifies the cardholders in an appropriate manner on the OPERA website.

    3. Issuance of a club card is free of charge and available to all persons who meet the conditions established by the OPERA according to item 37, announced on the website of the OPERA.

    4. The club card is registered by name and cannot be given to third parties.

    5. The club card is the property of the OPERA.
    6. The issuance of a club card is carried out after filling out an application according to the model of the person wishing to acquire it, upon the occurrence of the conditions under item 37, as the same does not create any obligations for the purchase of tickets, membership or other similar relations for its owner with the OPERA or with third parties. The application form and the club card are accompanied by an information brochure, which describes the conditions of use, the types of discounts and other useful information for its users.
    7. Persons wishing to acquire a club card provide the personal data specified in the application form voluntarily, and the same will be processed by the OPERA only for the purposes of using the club card in accordance with the Privacy Policy of the OPERA and the current legislation for the protection of personal data.
    8. Every club card holder can at any time give up the possession of the club card by returning his plastic card to the Ticket Office. The personal data collected by OPERATA until the moment of refusal are destroyed within 1 month from the return of the card.

      43a THE OPERA has the right to redeem cards and/or gift vouchers issued by third parties by replacing them with tickets from the OPERA program, under conditions and in the order determined by the issuer of the specific type of cards and/or vouchers according to a contract concluded by him with the OPERA.e return of the card.


44. In the building of the OPERA, as well as in other places where the performances of the OPERA are staged, it is not allowed:

1. the importation from outside of food and/or beverages, including their consumption. Food and beverages are available for consumption in the entrance and ground floor foyers during the intermission.

2. the consumption of alcoholic beverages by persons under 18 years of age.

3. smoking in any form and by any means (including, but not limited to, pipes, e-cigarettes, etc.).

4. the import and use of narcotic and/or intoxicant substances and any other substances prohibited for use and/or dangerous for the health and life of the visitors.

5. the import and use of weapons, ammunition, explosives, pyrotechnic articles, etc. dangerous means;

6. use of a mobile phone, talking, making noise, running, climbing, jumping, pushing and any other rude, obscene and/or unacceptable actions that create or may create inconvenience, turmoil, etc., as to other visitors/spectators and artists on stage;

7. photographing, reproduction by audio and/or audio-visual recording, live broadcasting and/or retransmission of the performance in whole or in part, by any technical means, as well as the infringement of copyright and/or related rights in any way;

8. dumping of waste not in the places designated for that purpose;

9. access of persons in a visibly intoxicated, overexcited or aggressive state, as well as persons under the influence of narcotic and/or intoxicating substances.

10. access of persons with clothing, which does not correspond to the prestige of the OPERA, such as shorts, tracksuits and sports teams, flip-flops and any other type of inappropriate clothing. When attending an OPERA performance, the recommended attire is formal or elegant style.

11. leaving minors unattended;

12. damage to persons and/or property;

13. entering premises that are closed to outsiders;

14. the inscription or placement of announcements, posters and other information materials in and on the building of the OPERA;

15. the demonstration of symbolism aimed at inciting racial, ethnic, national, religious hatred, discrimination on the basis of legally protected features or otherwise affecting the honor, dignity or reputation of individuals or groups of persons, etc.

16. all other actions specified by the OPERA.

45. The duration of the spectator's visit to the OPERA building, as well as to other places where the OPERA performances are staged, shall be determined by the duration of the performance. Immediately after the end of the performance, all spectators are obliged to leave the OPERA hall or the respective other place where the OPERA performance is staged, even if they have a ticket for the next performance in the same hall or the respective other place.

46. Persons who do not comply with the above rules will be asked to leave the building or other places where the OPERA performances are staged immediately, regardless of whether they have purchased a ticket and/or the performance has started. In case they refuse to leave voluntarily, these persons will be forcibly removed by the OPERA security and/or from the notified police officers. In this case, the OPERA does not owe any refund of the price of the purchased ticket, if any, or any other compensation.


47. When choosing a performance, the persons should take into account the time and the legal restrictions for accompanying persons under 18 years of age.

48 (1) Children under 6 years of age shall not be admitted to evening performances.

(2) To performances for which there is an explicit age restriction beyond the one indicated in para 1, children under that age shall not be allowed.

(3) The OPERA organizes performances for children from 0 to 3 years and for children over 3 years of age.

49. (1) Pursuant to the normative provisions of the Child Protection Act and the by-laws on its application, the following shall not be allowed in the OPERA:

1. children under 14 years of age after 20:00, who are not accompanied by parents, guardians, trustees or other persons caring for a child;

2. children who have reached the age of 14 but have not reached the age of 18 after 22:00, who are not accompanied by parents, guardians, trustees or other persons who take care of children.

(2) If the parents, guardians or other persons, who take care of a child, cannot accompany them, they shall be obliged to provide an adult capable person for their companion in public places after 22.00, if the child has reached 14- but has not reached the age of 18.

(3) Parents, guardians, trustees or other persons who take care of a child, as well as an adult capable person, who accompanies a child in the previous point, shall pay a separate ticket for the performance from that of the child.

50. OPERA has the right to deny access to a performance to persons that do not meet the above conditions/requirements, in which case it does not owe any refund of the ticket price or any other compensation.


51. (1) In order to ensure accessibility and favorable conditions the OPERA has adapted to its main entrance the Great Hall ramps for the use of wheelchairs or other facilities for movement of people with disabilities, as the Great Hall has a box for people in wheelchairs at the first balcony.

(2) The OPERA shall have an accessible toilet, which is equipped for the needs of the people with disabilities.

52. People with disabilities and/or their companions may turn to the salon staff for assistance if necessary.


53. (1) Animals in the building and during the performances of the OPERA shall not be allowed except for guide dogs, accompanying people with disabilities. Employees have the right to request a document – passport, card, certificate, etc., certifying the status of the dog as a guide.

(2) Before the purchase of a ticket the person shall notify the OPERA that they will be accompanied by a guide dog in order to choose the most suitable place in the auditorium. A guide dog ticket is free.


54. The OPERA has a wardrobe where the spectators can leave free outerwear, including accessories (hats, scarves, umbrellas, etc.) and/or luggage and will receive a number for the clothes/luggage.

55. It is not allowed to store in the wardrobe large suitcases, bags, backpacks, objects, luggage, etc. with dimensions greater than 40 cm. x 20 cm. x 25 cm. and weight more than 10 kg., in order to ensure the complete safety of all persons.

56. The OPERA does not take responsibility for loss and/or damage of items left in the wardrobe. If a spectator has lost the wardrobe number, the clothes/luggage will be handed over only if plausible reasons are given and it is assumed that she/he is the recipient.

57. In case of a lost number, its value in the amount of BGN 20.00 (twenty) shall be paid.



59. OPERA does not provide parking for vehicles.


59. The OPERA monitors the order through 24-hour video surveillance and constant physical security. The guards carry an official identification card with a photo, a badge and uniform.

60. The security of the OPERA:

1. ensures the observance of the access regime established by the OPERA for entering and leaving the building and the halls, the internal order, and the present GTC;

2. carry out verification of identity documents of external persons and the official passes of the employees in the OPERA;

3. carry out inspection of luggage, including through a manual metal detector and metal-detector frame, of motor vehicles and / or their cargo, as well as of their accompanying documents;

4. perform video surveillance;

5. perform monitoring control;

6. carry out an inspection for the presence of explosives, weapons and substances prohibited by law by technical means;

7. perform other actions according to the current legislation.

61. The inspections under the previous item shall be carried out in a way that does not damage the honor and dignity of the citizens.

62. Persons who notice unusual behavior, left unattended luggage, problems during a performance, etc., should immediately inform the salon inspector or security.

63. The OPERA is committed to treating everyone with dignity and respect and expects the same from visitors. The OPERA adopts a zero tolerance approach in response to anyone who interacts with its staff or members of the public in an aggressive and/or threatening manner and in violation of the rules of conduct of these GTC.

64. In case the performance is not held in the building of the OPERA, the persons should get acquainted with the internal regulations for the order in the respective building or place, where the performance of the OPERA is placed, and other applicable internal acts.




65. The site www.operasofia.bg is a virtual information resource created in accordance with the regulations in Bulgaria.

66. The OPERA website is publicly available. It offers services for which registration is required. Additional conditions may be set for the use of certain services, of which users will be notified in an appropriate manner.

67. Users are obliged to use accurate and up-to-date data when registering. In case it is established that the user uses incorrect data, OPERA can delete the registration.

68. Upon registration, each user declares his first and last name, e-mail address and password, with which they will use the services of the site for which registration is required. In case the e-mail address is already registered, it will be indicated to specify another e-mail address. Upon successful registration, the user receives a confirmation at their e-mail that they can identify themselves on the site with their username and password.

69. By marking a check box in front of the text "I have met and accept these GTC, including instructions for purchasing online tickets" and pressing the appropriate virtual button, the user makes an electronic statement within the meaning of the Electronic Document and Electronic Signature Act, by which they declare that they are acquainted with the current GTC, accept them and undertake to comply with them.

70. The user undertakes not to provide their registration data on the site to third parties . The OPERA is not responsible for damages to the user as a result of improper use of their registration data on the site by third parties.

71. The services and the way of visualization of the site www.operasofia.bg are dynamic and can be supplemented and changed at any time for the purpose of improvement and convenience or as a result of change of the applicable legislation for their provision.

72. Persons should use the services of the site www.operasofia.bg in compliance with these GTC, including instructions for purchasing tickets online, any additional instructions/messages from the OPERA, and the legislation of the Republic of Bulgaria.

73. The OPERA is not responsible for the availability of internet connectivity and for the quality of the internet connection of its users on the site www.operasofia.bg, nor for whether the site and the ticket sales system are accessible and functioning at any time.

74. The OPERA is not responsible for problems in providing services that have arisen due to inappropriate or defective equipment and software of persons accessing the site www.operasofia.bg.

75. The OPERA is not responsible for the execution of payment transactions in connection with the purchase from the site www.operasofia.bg of electronic tickets by consumers and the security of payments on the Internet, nor for any damages to persons in connection with or arising from the payment of electronic tickets online, through the payment service provider, as these services are provided by payment service providers and technical service providers other than the OPERA.

76. The access of certain persons to www.operasofia.bg may be terminated when it is established that they have provided incorrect data during their registration or in any way by their actions infringe the rights of the OPERA or of third parties and/or violate the legislation of the Republic of Bulgaria.

77. The OPERA has the right to terminate access to services for users who use the services for commercial or advertising purposes, or to develop and provide their own services, unless this is regulated in a written contract with the OPERA.

78. The OPERA shall not be liable for any losses, lost profits or other damages caused to a user as a result of using services through the OPERA website by him or as a result of inability to use services.

79. It is forbidden to distribute any messages with obscene or offensive texts and/or images on a religious, religious or political basis, as well as any other content not permitted by law on the OPERA website or its channels in social networks, where the possibility of publicly accessible comments.

80. The site may contain links to other Internet sites, as well as advertising banners, squares, etc. for commercial purposes.

81. The provision of certain services from the site may be suspended, for which the users of the site will be notified by a special message on the site. The registration of users and the provided services are terminated automatically when the support of the site is terminated.

82. Persons do not have the right to refuse the tickets purchased electronically through the OPERA website, because according to the current legislation the right of the consumer to withdraw from the distance contract within the 14-day reflection period does not apply to the provision of services related to leisure activities.

83. Persons registered on the site can deregister at any time by following the instructions for this in their personal profiles. The personal data provided upon application for deregistration from the site are stored by OPERATA for up to 3 months after the application for deregistration has been made, after which they are destroyed.


84. The provisions of the current Bulgarian legislation shall apply to all issues not settled by these GTC.

85. In the cases when a performance is broadcast on television and/or electronically, it is possible for the spectators of the performance to be filmed in general shots by all technical means, and the recordings made during or in connection with the event can be used free of charge without restriction of time and place for which the viewers are deemed to agree with the adoption of these GTC.

86. The processing of personal data in connection with the activity of the OPERA is fully in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act and Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of individuals in connection with the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data and repealing Directive 95/46 / EC (General Data Protection Regulation). More information on the OPERA's privacy and security policies can be found here:

Виж тук: https://www.operasofia.bg/component/k2/item/6728-politika-za-poveritelnost
Виж тук: https://www.operasofia.bg/component/k2/item/6747.


87. In the event of a dispute between the OPERA and the spectator/visitor/user, the parties shall make all necessary and reasonable efforts and actions to resolve it through negotiations and mutual concessions. If no agreement can be reached, the dispute may be referred to the competent authority for resolution.


General conditions for using a promo code for a discount in the LIDL+ application

  1. Each user receives a promotional code. When choosing a title from the programme of the Sofia Opera, the user enters the promo code and the discount is generated automatically before paying for the tickets.
  2. The discount from the promo code received in the LIDL+ application cannot be combined with other discounts or campaigns.
  3. The discount is valid only when purchasing tickets through the official website of the Sofia Opera.
  4. The validity of the promo code is 1 month (30 calendar days) from the date of its receipt unless the OPERA has announced otherwise validity in a special announcement
  5. Before purchasing tickets for performances at the Sofia Opera, the client must familiarize himself with the General Terms and Conditions for purchasing tickets. More information can be found here: https://www.operasofia.bg/terms-and-conditions


General conditions for purchasing and using vouchers and gift cards of the Sofia Opera and Ballet

  1. Each spectator can buy a gift card from the OPERA Ticket Office or voucher of desired value by www.operasofia.bg.
  2. The validity of the issued voucher/gift card is 6 months from the date of its issuance.
  3. The voucher/gift card can be used at the OPERA Ticket Office and www.operasofia.bg.
  4. The voucher can be used only against a ticket for a performance of your choice from the OPERA program. This point shall also apply in the cases under item 21, para. 1 of the General conditions, sentence third, as well as when purchasing gift vouchers, unless the OPERA has indicated otherwise in a deliberate message.

5. A voucher cannot be exchanged for its BGN equivalent and the value of the voucher cannot be less than the value of the already purchased ticket. In case the person wants a ticket of a higher value, the OPERA issues one after the respective higher value is paid.