Anna Hop

Anna Hop
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Dancer, choreographer, director, dance teacher.

Anna Hop graduated from The National Ballet School in Warsaw in 2009 with a Diploma in Professional Classical and Contemporary Dance. In 2014, she completed a Masters degree in Journalism and Social Communication at The University of Warsaw. Since 2009, she has been a dancer with Polish National Ballet.

- nominated for the Jan Kiepura Theater Music Awards in the category of the best choreography for the show "Exodus" 2021
- nominated for the O! Lśienia 2021 award in the "Classical music, ballet and jazz" category of the portal and the City of Krakow for the ballet performance "Exodus"- Winner of the individual price for creating stage movement in the drama performance Księżniczka na opak wywrócona (direced by Marcin Hycnar) during XXIIIrd Polish  Nationwide Comedy Festival TALIA 2019.
- Winner of the Bronisława Niżynska award for the best performance for her Carnival of Animals in the Perły Tańca 2019 Competition
- Premio Roma Danza 2018, Italy
- ZAiKS Competition for a ballet project for kids (2017, 3rd prize)
- XV Internationale Dance Competition in Gdańsk
- Laureate of VI International Dance Competition for The Best Graduate of 2007 Szczecin

Anna Hop’s debut as a choreographer was a piece called In a raspberry bush in 2010 for Polish National Ballet Choreographic Workshop Creations 2. Since then, she has presented her choreographies regularly: The Fear Theme (Creations 3, 2011), LAB V (Creations 4, 2012), Collars (Creations 5, 2013), Arctic (Creations 6, 2014), MUV (Creations 8, 2016), NoX (Creations 10, 2018), 3 pieces (Creations 11, 2019), Kądziel / Sliver (Creations 12, 2020), MI (Creations 13, 2021), Gnossienne No. 1 (Creations 14, 2022).

Hop has created full evening performances:
- Exodus for Polish National Ballet, music by Wojciech Kilar (2021)
- Husband and wife (one of two parts in the performance Fredriana) for Polish National Ballet based on Aleksander Fredro with music by Stanisław Moniuszko and Wojciech Kostrzewa (interludes) (2019),
- Carnival of Animals with music by Camille Saint-Saens for the Ballet of Wrocław Opera House (2017),
- Pupa for Polish National Ballet based on Witold Gombrowicz with music composed by Stanisław Syrewicz (2015),
- Bajki Ci opowiem… with music by Witold Lutosławski for Szczecin Ballet Company (2013).
Hop has also directed the opera in Polish Baltic Philharmonic The Snow White composed and conducted by Piotr Staniszewski (2019) and is an author of the choreography for the opera Haunted Manor, directed by Natalia Babińska in Opera Nova in Bydgoszcz (2019).

Anna Hop has created an opening part of Fordlandia (Stillness and Close, mus. F. Chopin) performance for Lucia Lacarra and Matthew Golding, coproduction between Goldenlac Productions and Ballet Dortmund (world premiere 19/09/2020, Operhaus Dortmund, Germany) that is currently touring around Europe.Since 2013, she has regularly cooperated with the Educational Program Department of The Grand Theatre – National Opera and Den Norske Opera & Ballett in Oslo, giving workshops and creating performances such as:
- 25+ #1 (Warsaw, 2015), 25+ #2 (2016), 25+ #3 (2017), 25+ #4 (2018), 25+ vol. 5 Tańczymy! (2022)
- ODDechy video project, music by. P. Staniszewski (Warsaw, 2021)
- I LOVE MONIUSZKO music by S. Moniuszko, direction by M. Zajączkowska (Warsaw, 2019)
- LipcOVE (Warsaw, 2018)
- Midsummer Night’s Dream music by Z. Falkowska and J. Stokłosa, direction by M. Zajączkowska (Warsaw, 2017)
- In her hair for Den Norske Opera and Ballet (Oslo, Trondheim, 2016)
- Love Dilemmas after Cracovians and Highlanders with music by Z. Falkowska and J. Stokłosa, and direction by M. Zajączkowska as a celebration of 250 Years of Public Theatre in Poland (Warsaw, 2015)
- Moving to… in cooperation with Den Norske Opera & Ballett as Recognising Through Dance/På Tå Hev project (Oslo, Warsaw, 2014)
- 3xP Panda, Pandarecki, Pandamonium (Warsaw, 2013)

Anna Hop is an author of the Heartbeat project, many shorter choreographic forms and dance videos including: Boy & Girl for Olga and Vladimir Yaroshenko, Rollin’, rollin’ for Blackroll, Mexico for Alexandra Vadon, Tango, and What a Wonderful World for Symfonix Orchestra by Piotr Komorowski, music video clip The boy with pink T-shirt for I don't care album of NotSoScary group.

She has worked as a choreographer, movement director and director for operas, movies, drama performances, musicals, music videos, galas, advertisements, the 90th Anniversary of Polish Radio, for New Years Eve galas (2015, 2016, 2017), she choreographed for The National Ballet School in Warsaw and Gdańsk and for Trondheim Katerdaleskole, couple of projects of LEDA4ART, for Il Balletto Castelfranco Veneto. She has also cooperated with DansiT, PRODA Trondheim, Spin Off Forstudium i Dans in Oslo and Den Norske Ballettskole, Theatre Academie in Warsaw, The Royal Ballet School of Antwerp.

Other choreographic works:
- The Mysterians, for Graduation Gala 2022 of The Royal Ballet School of Antwerp, world premiere 17,18,19/06/2022, Het Paleis, Antwerp, Belgium
- Graindelavoix Saint Anthoni’s Fire (Sporysz) short movie, dir. S. Pańczyk, Poland, March 2020
- Overturned Princess (Księżniczka na opak wywrócona), author: P.C. de la Barca, imitated by J. M. Rymkiewicz, director M. Hycnar, music M. Dębski, Teater of L. Solski in Tarnów, Poland, Tarnów 2019 September 2019
- 4MA, choreography as a result of LEDA #1035 project by Leda4dance R. Cerini and F.Z. Basssanese, IdeaPilates, Blackroll4dance, Castelfranco Veneto, Italy, July, August 2019
- Popcorn, Trondheim Katedraleskole, February 2018, Trondheim, Norway
- In her hair, På Tå Hev 2016 project, Den Norske Opera and Ballett, Trondheim, Oslo, Norway, December 2016
- Calliya/Thumbelina, musical mus. S. Syrewicz, script, dir. M. Szabłowska, Teatr Komedia, Warsaw, Poland, September 2015, March 2017
- Moving to..., mus. W. Kilar, choreography it is the part of project På Tå Hev / Recognising Through Dance between Polish National Opera and Den Norske Opera and Ballett, Warsaw (Poland) and Oslo (Norway) 2014.

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