Important announcement!
19 Oct 2020Sofia Opera and Ballet

Important announcement!

Dear friends and guests of the spectacles of the Sofia Opera,

As our always expected spectators, we would like to assure you that we are observing all safety measures against the spreading of the coronavirus for you to feel calm and safe at your visit of spectacles at the Sofia Opera.

Before and after each performance (rehearsal) on the territory of the Sofia Opera, the halls (including foyers, corridors, common parts, saloon, WC) are being treated with appropriate disinfectant and aired. The disinfection at the Ticket office is performed at intervals of 2 hours.

At the entrance of the building is measured the temperature of every visitor and he or she passes through mandatory disinfection. The wearing of masks is mandatory too.

There is a chess arrangement of the spectators in the hall, at interval of one seat, at that on the empty chairs are placed beautiful bunches of flowers.

The maximal capacity, which can be occupied, is 30%. During the spectacles there is no interval, but a technical break. During the whole duration of the spectacles the doors of the hall are open, so that everybody can go out, if necessary.

To ensure the necessary distance among the orchestra was constructed a new orchestra box, which allows enough space between every member of the orchestra.

We kindly inform you that the spectacles will be performed in a stage-concert version. This measure is necessary for providing the safety of the artists.

We would like to ask you for your understanding, because the responsibility is common.

Your Sofia Opera and Ballet