The Sofia Opera will take part in the Königswinkel Classica Festival in Füssen next year
04 Dec 2021Sofia Opera and Ballet

The Sofia Opera will take part in the Königswinkel Classica Festival in Füssen next year

On 25 November the Press Department of Königswinkel Classic in Fuessen in German Bavaria held a press conference via internet on the productions planned in 2022.

A major highlight will be the participation of the Sofia Opera and Ballet in the Music Festival Königswinkel 2022 from 28 September through 03 October 2022.

This is a very special reconfirmation of the great success the Sofia Opera and Ballet had with their tour to Fuessen with the entire four night long “Ring of the Nibelung” of Richard Wagner in September 2015.

It is also a reconfirmation of the Opera Sofia idea to bring Wagner “back home”, as he had many visits in the region to see König Ludwig II who became as of 1864 his most important supporter.

In 2015, many friends of the Wagner Music came from all over Germany and Austria, but several even from all over the world, to see Sofia’s splendid and unique “Ring”-production which found high acclaim by the Bulgarian and international press.

Through this “Ring”- production which was als shown at the Bolshoi Theatre in 2018, the Sofia Opera and Ballet got very well known in the international Wagner world and in the relevant international media like opera magazines and platforms.

The visit with the “Flying Dutchman” of Richard Wagner will be a continuation of this success.

The management of the Music Festival Königswinkel is appreciating Sofia’s approach to producing Wagner operas very much and is also confident to the new production of “The flying Dutchman” which will first be shown in Sofia and at Lake Pancharevo near Sofia.

It is expected that many visitors from nearby Bavarian capital Munich and many other Bavarian towns, as well as from Austria and Switzerland, will come to Fuessen to see the performances of Sofia Opera and Ballet, both the opera and the concerts.

The region is worldwide known for its natural beauty and its beautiful castles built by King Ludwig II in the 19th century, such as Neuschwanstein and Linderhof.

Hohenschwangau Castle, where King Ludwig II was brought up by his parents and later often received the composer Richard Wagner, is also a highlight for opera visitors in the area.

The Management of the Festival Königswinkel 2022 is very supportive to the Sofia Opera and Ballet to make the transport and the logistics from and to Sofia as well as the stay of the whole team financially possible.

The Sofia Opera and Ballet will come with several soloist singers, the chorus, the leading team, the technical specialists, the sets and with the whole orchestra.

Thus, this will be a great Bulgarian demonstration of cultural and artistic competence in the southern part of Germany, where the opera has a long tradition, such as in neighboring Austria and Switzerland.

Here the details of the programme of Sofia

Opera and Ballet in Fuessen:

1. Opera “The flying Dutchman” of Richard Wagner on 1 (19h) and 3 (18h) October

2. Chorkonzert (School concert) at Festival Theatre Neuschwanstein on 30 September at 10h

3. Festkonzert (Festival Concert) in Festival Theatre Neuschwanstein on 30 September at 19:30h

4. Chorkonbzert (Chorus concert) for Thanksgiving at the “Wies”-Church, a famous baroque church in the region, on 2 October at 11h

Klaus Billand, 26 November 2021