Kalin Vrachanski sings at the Opera, this is why he doesn’t play in “Brothers”
Photo: Румяна Тонева / Героят на Калин Врачански в мюзикъла току-що научава, че няма да получи навреме парите за извършената от него работа.
03 Apr 2021Newspaper “24 Chasa”

Kalin Vrachanski sings at the Opera, this is why he doesn’t play in “Brothers”

In the last months Kalin Vrachanski is rehearsing hardly at the Sofia Opera and Ballet for the lead role – father of 6 children, in the stage adaptation of the film “My Father the Painter”. Only this explains the disappearing of his character in the series “Brothers” on New TV, and not the tall-stories in some media that he has quarrelled with the producer or the stage director.

When he was invited for the role in the musical, he requested special rehearsals to be sure that he would cope with the singing. The work with children inspired him, because they are very authentic and very real, as he himself tells. “Sometimes I am even catching myself that I must not act a lot in order not to overshadow them”, explained Vrachanski before “24 Chasa”.

The fact that people would unintentionally compare him to the performer of the same role in the film – Kosta Tsonev, doesn’t bother hm. “This will be an interpretation of mine, of course, and of the producer and stage director Academician Plamen Kartaloff. One film musical, transferred on the stage”, says Kalin Vrachanski.

More about the actor’s new occupation and about the project “My Father the Painter” you can hear today in the podcast “24 hours from life” on our site www.24chasa.bg and read in the Saturday’s issue of “24 Chasa”


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