Ten years since the launch of Concerts for Babies
10 Jan 2024Sofia Opera and Ballet

Ten years since the launch of Concerts for Babies

In 2024 Sofia Opera celebrates ten years since the launch of Concerts for Babies.

On the idea of academician Kartaloff on 18.01.2014 was the first spectacle.

The initiative is in cooperation with the "I Want a Baby" Foundation and is addressed to the youngest spectators, together with their parents, grandparents, future mothers, elder sisters and brothers.

In these Concerts take part the theatre's youngest artists. Currently these are Anna Vutova, Kalin Dushkov, Georgi Dzhanov, Rada Toteva, Aleksandra Nosikova, Tsvetiana Kostova, Elena Kozhushova, Maria Nosikova.

Over the years, part of the programme has become well known for its hit songs – "Welcome" and "Musician" by Maria Momirova, "Miracle Turnip" by Dobri Hristov "Hey, little hands", "Singing, jumping thumbs", etc.

The programme is structured to feature melodies close to the children's world, combined with songs, classical arias and duets, ensembles from the classical repertoire. Franz Schubert, Robert Schumann, Felix Mendelssohn, Gioachino Rossini, Johannes Brahms, Wolfgang Аmadeus Mozart, Alexander Vladigerov, Georgi Kostov, Aleksandar Raichev, etc.; from the classical operas "Hänsel and Gretel", "Die Zauberflöte". The music is presented with arrangements for piano, violin, flute and clarinet, oboe and percussion.

So from an early age children have the opportunity to immerse themselves in the world of classical music and feel its magic.

The children at Concerts for Babies can freely interact with their favourite artists, the older ones can play and sing together with them on stage.