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Let’s sing! is an international project that aims to map the problematics of the transition of graduates of conservatories in the fields of classical singing into practice and their employment in the labour market. It has the ambition to respond to the common needs of music conservatories, theatres, and the graduates themselves: the singers.

Through the outputs of the project, we want to answer the question:

How should vocational education be adapted to the needs of the labour market if we want significantly larger numbers of applicants for music conservatories to start their careers as opera soloists immediately after graduation.

The results that will be created within the project will help schools and theatres to better identify, develop, and not waste talent through a failed transition into practice.  We also believe we can contribute to the growth of the sector by offering a better quality distance learning service.

We will create various areas of activities that will take place over a period of 24 months in three European countries: The Czech Republic, Italy and Bulgaria. The project consists of 4 workshops, 4 project outputs, an international competition for young singers, 4 multiplier events and 8 transnational project meetings.

Every day, thousands of opera singers around the world lie down and get up with the idea of how to start or restart their opera career. Can we find a way to help them with that? I believe so.” LUDĚK GOLAT, main project coordinator, The Sileasian Theatre Opava, Czech Republic.

On 22 April, LS was opened by a multiplier event in Florence, Italy.  One of the main goals of the meeting in Florence was the launching of the Let's Sing Application and a presentation of the visual concept of the project. The international competition for young talents will be announced with the participation of professionals and the general public.


A virtual space connecting people that are passionate about opera music with a vision to revitalize and refresh the scene. It is not only an overflowing stage of work opportunities but also a worldwide community staring at artistic presentation. Opera community where students and professionals meet to inspire, help each other, and have fun together.

- find inspiring teachers from all over the world
- stimulate your careers after graduating from school
- get motivated and inspired by other students’ experiences

- increase your chances of getting to get the role of your dreams heart
- get a space to show all your strengths at once
- stay in touch with your favourite colleagues from all over the world

- find the most talented and motivated students from all over the world
- get connected with institutions from the entire opera world
- share your training lessons online

- discover the most talented and promising singers before the others
- get your offers to the stars

- make the cast of your next production fresh and attractive
- announce your auditions and competitions to the general opera community

Join and create your profile now! Make it prominent, striking, conspicuous, noticeable, remarkable, loud. Upload your representative photos, videos and share your professional data.

Boost your career here or find your next Carmen, Tosca, Aida, Figaro, or Don Giovanni.



The Let’s Sing! Competition is open to singers of all voice types, between the ages of 18 and 30 years old.

Only participants who send us all the following materials will be accepted:

- Video recordings of 2 opera arias of the participant’s choice. Opera arias must be from 2 different operas. Arias are required to be performed in their original language.

- Actual participant’s headshot photograph.

- A short professional biography in the English language.

Applications must be submitted electronically and only through the official Let’s Sing!

Application at the website www.letssing.eu Submissions open from 1 August, 2022 to 1 September, 2022. There is no application fee.

The international jury (7 members) will be composed of renowned experts. The chair of the jury will be Ambra Sorrentino.

A pre-selection jury will listen to every recording submitted and will choose the top 40 candidates to participate in the semi-final of the Competition. The selected participants will be announced on the official website and on social media no later than 15 September, 2022.

For the semi-final the international Jury will listen on-line to all 40 participants who will perform 2 opera arias: one of participant’s choice, one of the Jury’s choice. The Jury will then choose the best 20 candidates to participate in the final live round.

The final round will take place in October in Sofia in Bulgaria. Each from the best 20 candidates will perform 1 opera aria during a live gala concert at the Sofia Opera and Ballet on 29 October, 2022. Before this final performance all 20 candidates will go through 10 online lessons, during which the top world opera trainers will prepare and instruct candidates for the big final. Moreover, a 10-day intensive workshop will take place just before the final performance in Sofia. The finalists must cover their own travel costs. Accommodation will be covered.

The Let's Sing! Competition is a wonderful chance for young opera singers to take off from school directly to the world’s greatest opera stages. Enter and win 10 online lessons led by top opera experts, a 10-day intensive workshop, high class career counselling and professional e-portfolio assistance. Winners will also receive free access to the Let’s Sing Application with many benefits.

The project is communicated via web sites www.letssing.eu and social media:







Facebook Group


All communication channels were opened today, i.e., 22/6/2022

The concept and graphic design of Let's Sing! is by Marija Petrinjac, Tamara Černá-SofiG, Art Photo.

The project is co-financed by the European Union's Erasmus+ program, supported by the Moravian Silesian region. The project is coordinated by THE SILESIAN THEATRE OPAVA, Czech Republic; partners are SOFIA OPERA AND BALLET, Bulgaria; EUROFILMFEST, Czech Republic; CONSERVATORIO DI MUSICA “STANISLAO GIACOMANTONIO”, Italy; GIUNTI PSYCHOMETRICS SRL, Italy; OPERA NETWORK, Italy.

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