Petya Dimova

Petya Dimova
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She was born on 22.11.1983 in Plovdiv.

She spent her childhood years in Germany, where she fell in love with classical ballet.

She graduated her secondary education from the "Dobrin Petkov" National School of Music and Dance Art in Plovdiv in the ballet classes. At the same time, she graduated from a German high school.

She was then hired by the State Opera Plovdiv, where she worked for 17 years as a ballerina. She completed her higher education at the Academy of Music, "Prof. Assen Diamandiev" Academy of Music, Dance and Fine Arts – Plovdiv with a degree in ballet pedagogy. Then she studied ballet choreography and directing.

For the last five years she has been employed at the State Opera Plovdiv as a ballet répétiteur.

In 2020 she enrolled for a Master's degree in "Psychology" at the University of Plovdiv.

Over the years as a ballet dancer and tutor she has worked with some of the greatest names in ballet and opera.

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