Georgi Strezov

Georgi Strezov


Composer, conductor and orchestrator Georgi Strezov (b. 1989) has always looked at film music with passion – he became interested and worked in this field at the age of 15 and since then has written music for numerous projects such as the TV series “The Tree of Life”, “On the Border”, “Scars”, the full-length films “Shibil”, “Petya of my Petya”, “Blessed”, “Collector of corpses”, “Uncle Christmas”, “Like for the last time”, “Holiday makers”, “Number 1000”, the short films “Woman at the Lighthouse”, “The Silence”, “Brief Rest at the End of the Road”, the award-winning “69”, “The Pilgrim's Way”, “Hall 4” and “Game of Marbles”. He also writes music for computer games, including Haemimmont Games' Surviving Mars and Victor Vran, Masthead's Guns & Robots, Ivent Games' Strength of the Sword 3. He has also composed music for theatre productions, television commercials, radio broadcasts and has a number of concert works.

Georgi studied orchestration with one of the most famous and erudite Bulgarian composers, Prof. Alexandar Tekeliev. He has completing a master's degree in choral conducting under the world-renowned conductor of the Sofia Boys' Choir, Prof. Dr. Adriana Blagoeva.

As a conductor, orchestrator and record producer, he has worked on projects such as: “The Witcher” (2021), “Infinite” (2021), “Life in a Day 2020” (2021), “Hubie Halloween” (2020), “Agatha Raisin” (2020), “Kirin Ga Kuru” (2020), “His Dark Materials” (2019), “Darksider Genesis” (2019), “Catherine the Great” (2019), “Hair Love” (2019), “Catch-22” (2019), “Total War: Three Kingdoms” (2019), “Solo: A Star Wars Story” (2018), “Assasin's Creed: Odyssey” (2018), “The City and the City” (2018 ) and many more.

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