For the first time in Bulgaria – the opera "Medea" by Luigi Cherubini
15 Feb 2024Bulgaria ON AIR

For the first time in Bulgaria – the opera "Medea" by Luigi Cherubini

For three consecutive days the Sofia Opera presents for the first time in Bulgaria the opera "Medea" by Luigi Cherubini. Soprano Gabriela Georgieva takes the role of Medea.

"This is an extremely difficult opera to sing and no less challenging as an actor’s presence. The imagery is deep and multi-layered. For Medea, it is difficult to explain to yourself why this woman acts the way she does and to find your own approach to the role and to justify this character," Georgieva said in the studio of "Bulgaria in the Morning".

She said that she has worked with conductor Francesco Rosa many times, as he is one of the regular guest conductors at the Sofia Opera. It was the first time she met the director Marco Gandini.

"He is extremely organised, knows what he wants and comes with a ready concept. It is easy, calm and productive to work with him," Georgieva told in the air of Bulgaria ON AIR.

Asked if she had a favourite role, she replied that she loved all her roles and that when she immersed herself in the respective title, she began to identify with the character. Georgieva mentioned Turandot, La Gioconda, Medea and Norma as her favourites.

"An opera spectacle is made with singers. The audience likes to see something beautiful that grabs them on stage – acting, a good orchestra, a good chorus, good direction. The sets are very clean for "Medea," which is a challenge to the acting abilities. When there is less of what helps you on stage as a set, you have to be as focused as possible and take over the stage," the soprano noted.

You can enjoy "Medea" by Luigi Cherubini at the Sofia Opera on 23, 24 and 25 February.

Watch the whole conversation in the video.