"The Magic Flute returns with a new interpretation at the Sofia Opera
19 Mar 2024BNT

"The Magic Flute returns with a new interpretation at the Sofia Opera

The opera "Die Zauberflöte" returns to the Sofia Opera with an unconventional production, far from the fairy-tale cliché that directors usually resort to.

The story is transported to the beginning of the 20th century and focuses on existential values and the inner compass that each person carries within himself. Director Vera Petrova wants Mozart's message of wisdom and harmony, symbolized by the sound of the magic flute, to reach the audience.

In the minds of the general public, "Die Zauberflöte" is associated with this particular aria. But Mozart's opera is much more than that. The profound messages that the composer encoded in it have forever given this work the label "Amadeus' Masonic opera". Vera Petrova does not run away, on the contrary, she orients her creative work in this direction.


"You know that Freemasons are secret societies, but what we've researched as a team is that actually the most interesting ritual with them is drawing all the symbols on the blackboard and letting the apprentice or future apprentice recognize the symbols. To connect them, figure out what they mean and then that board is erased. Only with us the function is set in a different way, because it is not the symbols that are actually important, but the sound of the flute in ourselves", says Vera Petrova – director.

In fact, there are not one but two flutes in the opera. The first is the one that Pamina and Tamino use to go through fire and water to earn their love. And the second hangs around Papageno's neck and in this production it is very, very special.

"Specifically made just for "Die Zauberflöte" a Papageno’s flute that is tones from sol to re. It's a very expensive instrument for what it is – just a little piece of wood that costs about 1,000 leva and is a very interesting piece. It's an extremely accurate instrument, it's not very simple to play a wind instrument, although I'm a singer, but it turned out to be quite a complicated thing," said Atanas Mladenov.

Artists and production team are united by one desire – to fill the deficit of Mozart titles in the playbills of Bulgarian opera houses. Because Mozart's music enchants.

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