The Sofia Opera opens its new season in the late antique fortress "Tsari Mali Grad"
09 Sep 2023Newspaper “24 Chasa”

The Sofia Opera opens its new season in the late antique fortress "Tsari Mali Grad"

The Sofia Opera opens the season with "The Hermit of Rila"

The Sofia Opera is an example of apostolic activity in the creation, promotion and spreading of new works of our national operatic work. This consistent policy has given new stage life to the musical poem "The Hermit of Rila", created from the miraculous poems of the writer Tihomir Pavlov and the music of the composer Father Kiril Popov. The director Plamen Kartaloff chooses the late Romanesque fortress "Tsari Mali Grad" to bring to life this open air work dedicated to the exploits of an exalted man and patron saint of our country, Saint John of Rila.

"The Hermit of Rila" is a call to our contemporaries to feel all together deep pride and intimate closeness to the spiritual and purifying love of St. John with the power of his gracious kindness and prayers for faith and hope in the Bulgarian kind, for a true Bulgaria.

The director's concept is like a creative sacred service in the exact place through which the relics of the revered saint pass from Veliko Tarnovo to his Rila monastery. The main roles are performed by the actor Irinei Konstantinov and the soloists of the Sofia Opera Atanas Mladenov, Angel Hristov, Veselin Mihaylov and others. In collaboration with the director Plamen Kartaloff participate Vera Petrova and Vera Beleva. The main actor is the chorus of the Sofia Opera conducted by Violeta Dimitrova.

10 years have passed since the opening of the museum complex "Tsari Mali Grad". As a gift for the celebration on 23 September, the small stage will host the Sofia Opera. The opera "The Hermit of Rila" will be presented.

The beginning is at 16 h and the entrance is free.