Siljanovska attended the spectacle of Sofia Opera and Ballet in Skopje
Photo: Гордана Силяновска Давкова / БГНЕС / Photo: Gordana Siljanovska Davkova / BGNES
18 May

Siljanovska attended the spectacle of Sofia Opera and Ballet in Skopje

Siljanovska met with the director of the Sofia Opera and Ballet Plamen Kartaloff and pointed out that she is very familiar with his work and came to admire the premiere.

Asked if her presence was a sign of friendship, Siljanowska replied:

"Yes, it is a step. I insist on cultural diplomacy and I believe it is stronger than traditional diplomacy. That's why I came to enjoy the opera tonight. I also know Academician Kartaloff, I think he is exceptional. I think that Plamen will ignite the cultural flame here."

"I don't think our past is romantic – yours or ours. I think we have to live in today and work for the future," the RSM head of state added.

The Director of the Bulgarian Cultural Centre in Skopje Antonia Veleva said that "thanks to the support of both the Ministries of Culture of the Republic of Bulgaria and the Republic of North Macedonia, and of the Bulgarian Cultural Information Centre in Skopje, we have the opportunity to welcome the Sofia Opera and Ballet with this huge production, which is the highlight of the overall programme of the May opera evenings".

A team of over 130 Bulgarian soloists, orchestra and ballet came to the Macedonian capital and aroused huge interest – the hall was completely sold out.

The performance takes place at the National Opera and Ballet in Skopje, as part of the 52nd edition of the May Musical Evenings from 9 to 31 May. It was the most anticipated moment in the cultural programme.

Kartaloff earlier presented the Bulgarian spectacle to the Macedonian media.

"It is a pride and joy for me we to present our Bulgarian Wagner on the stage of the Macedonian Opera and Ballet. The honour to hear Wagner here for the first time has fallen not to a German but to a Bulgarian theatre," he said.

"Die Walküre" is inspired by medieval legends of the wise Erda and the Song of the Nibelungs. The opera was first performed in Munich on 26 June 1870.

The spectacle is directed by Plamen Kartaloff. The conductor is Evan-Alexis Christ, the set designer is Hans Kudlich and the costumes are by Hristiana Mihaleva-Zorbalieva.

The lead roles in "Die Walküre" are performed by Mariana Zvetkova – Fricka, Thomas Hall – Wotan, Martin Iliev – Siegmund, Angel Hristov – Hunding, Gergana Rusekova – Brünnhilde, Tsvetana Bandalovska – Sieglinde.

The event is organized with the support of the Ministries of Culture of Bulgaria and North Macedonia, and the partner is the Bulgarian Cultural Information Centre in Skopje.

The May Opera Nights opened with the premiere of Verdi's "Il Trovatore", directed by Ivan Popovski.

The National Opera and Ballet of Northern Macedonia will be guest Sofia in September.